Pre-Registrations Open For New Romance of the Three Kingdoms

KOEI TECMO and BBGame have now announced that pre-registrations are open for a mobile adaptation of Romance of the Three Kingdoms 11, called New Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and launching for Android on November 26. The 3D real-time multiplayer online strategy and war title introduces a ton of gameplay for mobile gamers, ranging from city management to in-depth multi-front battles that put strategy at the forefront. Players are effectively tasked with growing their own empire from scratch amidst a world at war, hiring generals that each brings their own unique skillsets and stats to the table, and taking on other players to gain more resources. Primary battle types include city sieges, border skirmishes, duals, and larger-scale battlefields and players can choose to focus on building cities, joining an army, or recruit generals. Although the best tactic is probably to devote some time to each, players will be able to choose their own path on a global server with more than a million battle tiles.

Background: Gameplay takes place across the Three Kingdoms timeline, which was first introduced to the world with the first title back in 1985, placing players in a representation of the Three Kingdoms period in China. That's part of what gives Three Kingdoms its iconic simulation groundings, in addition to its heavy focus on strategy and tactics. That means combat encompasses famous battlefields and storylines but also that players have the opportunity to recruit famous generals from the time period such as Lu Bu and Zhao Yun and more than 100 legendary heroes. RPG elements are scattered throughout each game mode and every game element. Aside from improving cities and conquering neighbors to amass resources, players will need to put some thought into leveling up their generals and building bonds with them. Bonds formed between generals and other subjects have nearly as significant an impact on battle outcomes as the tactics a player chooses to employ, adding yet another layer of depth to the title and forcing players to think through each step forward. That also opens up a wider variety of play-styles, enabling players to craft their own experiences.

Impact: Since its introduction, the Three Kingdoms series has been a massive success in Japan and elsewhere, building a loyal fanbase. While changes and improvements, as well as additional content, have been added for the mobile adaptation, the new title is almost guaranteed to be as popular among mobile gamers who enjoy the genres New Romancing of the Three Kingdoms covers. Moreover, players who sign up during pre-registration will, of course, be able to get their hands on some unspecified exclusive unlocks once they install the game. Aside from shipping to Android on November 26, New Romancing of the Three Kingdoms will also be headed to iOS at the same time. KOEI TECMO and BBGame have not revealed whether cross-play between platforms will be available but that isn't necessarily out of the question. Regardless, there should be plenty of activity and competition to keep players busy once this game lands within the next few weeks.

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