How To Create A OnePlus 6T With A Transparent Back Cover: Video

OnePlus 6T transparent back 1

The OnePlus 6T is available in only two colors on a global scale, and if you’d like to spice up your device further, JerryRigEverything has just released a video guide on how to create a OnePlus 6T with a transparent back cover. Before we even start talking about the process, it is worth noting that this will void your warranty, as you will need to remove the back cover of the phone, and basically open it up, so if you’re one to worry about that and / or want to keep your warranty, it’s best for you not to do this. Also, please do note that it is possible that you damage the phone if you’re not careful enough, and / or don’t have the right tools for the job. Having said that, let’s check out the process, shall we.

First, you’ll need to heat up the back side of the OnePlus 6T quite a bit, in order for the adhesive to loosen up a bit, and for you to get a chance to remove the phone’s back cover. Once you do that, you’ll need a proper suction cup, a large one, preferably, so that you get a good grip on the back of the phone. A razor blade is needed at this point as well, as you’ll need to cut through the adhesive all around the phone while pulling on the back cover with the suction cup, but be careful not to cut too deep in order not to damage something on the inside. You will also need to use several thin objects, pry tools, on different sides of the phone, where the phone’s back cover is connecting to the frame itself, as shown in the video. This is actually a similar procedure as with other phones with non-removable glass back covers, so some of you are probably quite familiar with it. Also, you need to be careful not to crack the back glass, as the phone’s back sides are curved, and if you apply too much pressure, it will break.

Once you manage to get inside the phone, you will notice that you do not need to detach the fingerprint scanner, as it is included below the display in this phone, not on its back. At this point, JerryRigEverything actually decided to make the battery red, for aesthetics, but if you do not want to do that, or do not have a red carbon fiber sticker laying around, you can proceed to the next step, attending to the back cover of the device. Removing the metal dual lens camera bracket is the first step, then you can start peeling off the color sticker that is applied on the glass itself, once you cut into it a bit, you can start peeling it off, but be careful not to damage the glass. You will need to put some adhesive tape back on the sides of the phone, and on the dual camera bracket, in order to get them reattached, and placed everything back in its place. That’s pretty much it, you’ll get a clear back OnePlus 6T. You can check out this whole procedure in a video which is embedded down below, and which has a duration of four minutes and 41 seconds.


Background: OnePlus had introduced the OnePlus 6T in Mirror Black and Midnight Black variants last week, not giving users all that much choice when it comes to colors. The company did introduce the Thunder Purple variant in China yesterday, though, in order to spice things up a bit, but that variant of the phone was introduced in China only, and it remains to be seen if it will become available outside of OnePlus’ homeland at all. The company may introduce some special edition variants of the phone down the road, as it did with the OnePlus 6T’s predecessors, while white and red variants are also an option, but the company did not hint anything about that just yet.

The OnePlus 6T is made out of metal and glass just like its predecessor, but unlike the OnePlus 6, the OnePlus 6T comes with a ‘teardrop’ display notch, which is much smaller than the OnePlus 6’s display notch, while the phone also includes an in-display fingerprint scanner, instead of a regular rear-facing capacitive unit. The two phones sport the same processor, RAM, storage, cameras, and even displays, though the OnePlus 6T’s display is larger. The OnePlus 6T also comes with a larger battery pack on the inside, but it does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack, while the company also decided to remove an LED notification light in order to trim down those bezels even further. The phone is fueled by the Snapdragon 845, while it comes in both 6GB and 8GB RAM variants. The device ships with Android 9 Pie out of the box, while a 3,700mAh battery, and a 6.41-inch display are also a part of the package. The device is a bit narrower, a bit taller, and a bit thicker than the OnePlus 6.

Impact: The OnePlus 6T is quite similar to the OnePlus 6, and the OnePlus 6 already got all the camera features, and most of the OnePlus 6T software features as well, so upgrading to the 6T if you already have a phone is not necessary, which is not surprising considering that the OnePlus 6 was announced earlier this year. In any case, the OnePlus 6T is a really solid device, especially considering its price tag, but the company could have offered consumers more color options, including one with a transparent back, so that procedures like the one shown in this article don’t become necessary. It would be nice to see more color options down the road, that’s for sure, and for the company to bring the Thunder Purple model to more markets around the world, as that is the only variant of the device that is not black. Both Mirror Black and Midnight Black are black-colored phones, even though they offer a considerably different finish, the Mirror Black is glossy, while the Midnight Black offers a matte finish which handles fingerprints much better.

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