Nokia 9 To Arrive Early Next Year, Prior To MWC 2019: Rumor

Nokia 9 OnLeaks render 10

According to a new rumor that surfaced on Twitter, the Nokia 9 may arrive sooner than expected. According to ‘Nokia anew’ Twitter handle, the Nokia 9’s announcement has been moved to an earlier date, from the planned announcement during the Mobile World Congress 2019. The source also confirms that the phone will be released next year, but before the Mobile World Congress starts, without providing a more detailed info. The phone’s announcement at the Mobile World Congress 2019 was not released at all, but it was rumored for a while now ever since the phone’s announcement got delayed earlier this year. Considering that the Mobile World Congress 2019 will kick off in February, and the phone will allegedly launch next year, it’s safe to assume that it will arrive in January, if the provided info is to be believed. Now, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas will take place at the beginning of January, so that may be the venue where HMD Global will introduce the Nokia 9, though, on the other hand, the company may prefer a separate announcement for the device, so it may organize something on its own, as this is a flagship phone after all.

Background: The Nokia 9 rumors have been popping up for months now, the device was expected to arrive earlier this year, but that never happened. The phone’s launch was allegedly postponed by an executive decision, and HMD’s Chief Product Officer, Juho Sarvikas, played a huge part in it, at least allegedly. Mr. Sarvikas did not think that the phone is ready to be announced just yet, which is why he decided to move its release date to 2019. That move managed to anger some of the company’s employees, at least according to a report that surfaced in September, as the company’s employees did not see it fit to postpone its launch, because the company was missing out by such move, missing out on competing with other companies for its piece of the pie. It is also worth noting that, a couple of weeks ago, HMD Global acquired rights to use the ‘PureView’ branding, the company agreed with Microsoft, so the ‘PureView’ technology may be a part of the upcoming Nokia 9 as well. One rumor that surfaced recently actually claimed that the phone’s name will be the Nokia 9 PureView, instead of the Nokia 9, so we’ll see what will happen. The Nokia 808 PureView had the best camera when it launched years ago, and if the technology improved over the years, and HMD Global implements it properly, the Nokia 9 may be a really good camera smartphone, though who knows.

The Nokia 9 actually surfaced in CAD-based renders yesterday, both in images and video, and those renders give us a really good idea as to what to expect from the device, at least on the design side of things. The phone will be made out of metal and glass, while its back side will be curved. The Nokia 9 will sport top and bottom bezels, though those bezels will not be thick, quite the contrary. The Nokia 9 is actually reported to sport five cameras on the back, and yesterday’s leak gave us a good look at those cameras. There are seven ‘rings’ included on the back of the phone, five of which are the device’s cameras, the sixth ring is reserved for the phone’s LED flash, while the seventh is expected to be a dual-sensor which will be used for proximity detection, at least according to rumors. The phone will almost certainly sport a separate wide-angle, telephoto, and monochrome sensors on the back, though we’re only guessing. A fingerprint scanner is not visible on the phone’s body, so it’s possible that HMD Global opted to include an in-display fingerprint scanner in the phone, to follow today’s smartphone trends.


The Nokia 9 will probably be fueled by the Snapdragon 845 if it arrives in January, unless HMD Global opts to introduce the device with next-gen Qualcomm flagship (Snapdragon 8150 or 855, depending on what the company opts to call it), and then release it in March or April. Qualcomm still did not introduce its next-gen flagship processor, but is expected to do so before the end of this year. The Nokia 8 Sirocco launched back in February with last year’s processor, and the sales numbers for the device were not that great, so hopefully HMD Global will opt to wait for the next-gen processor with the Nokia 9. The Nokia 9 is expected to include at least 6GB of RAM, while it’s also expected to sport a large display. The phone will probably offer some sort of facial scanning, while you can expect a large battery to be included as well, and quite possibly wireless charging as well.

Impact: The Nokia 9 has been in development for a long time now, and releasing the device with the Snapdragon 845 at the beginning of next year may be a crucial mistake for HMD Global. If the device arrived in Q1 next year, it should definitely sport Qualcomm’s next-gen processor, or the company is risking failure in the high-end segment. The Nokia 9 will probably not be a cheap phone, as it will pack in a lot of tech and high-end specs, and its processor needs to match it. We did not hear much about the PureView technology in the last couple of years, basically since the company stopped manufacturing Windows Phone-based Lumia devices with PureView tech, so we’re not entirely sure what to expect from that technology if it gets implemented in the Nokia 9. In fact, the implementation of PureView tech may actually have something to do with the Nokia 9’s delay, and it’s also worth noting that ZEISS is HMD Global’s business partner when it comes to Nokia devices, so ZEISS optics will probably be thrown in the mix as well, which only reaffirms the fact that this will be an expensive smartphone. It will be interesting to see the end product, as what we’ve heard thus far does sound quite intriguing, especially if the device ends up sporting real PureView tech on the inside.