Mindkoo Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer For $109 w/ Code

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Mindkoo has a pretty nice pre-Black Friday deal going on for its soundbar and wireless subwoofer combo here. This is typically priced at $129, but today you can grab it for just $109. That’s good for $20 off, however, that is only when you use the promo code F7ZFWXJH at checkout. This is a pretty good, inexpensive soundbar, that is still going to sound much better than the speakers inside your TV. Of course, part of that is because TVs are getting so thin that the speakers inside are taking a hit, for these TV makers to get such thin TVs. Making a soundbar almost a necessity these days. And this one is a good one to pick up.

This soundbar has plenty of power inside. There are two 20W high-power mid-high-pitched units for mid-high frequency sound, with 5-inch 50W high-power bass units. This basically means that you’re going to get a ton of bass, even without that subwoofer being set up. That subwoofer is really going to increase the bass from this soundbar though. Because that is a wireless subwoofer, you can put it virtually anywhere in your living room. Whether that’s next to the TV, or maybe behind the couch and out of the way. Mindkoo has three EQ Audio modes on this soundbar. There’s Music, News and Film modes. For Film, you may want a bit more bass than you would when watching the news or listening to music. So this sound bar is able to adapt to that and give you the best sound for whatever you are watching. This soundbar is equipped with optical fiber, and coaxial ports, there is also a 3.5mm headphone jack (something your smartphone doesn’t have!) as well as some USB ports. It does also have Bluetooth connectivity, so you can stream music from your smartphone or something else with this. For connecting to your TV, you’ll want to make use of that Optical Fiber port though, wired connection will always be better, as there’s less of a lag between the TV and the soundbar.

Mindkoo is only discounting this soundbar for a limited time, and you  are going to need to use the promo code F7ZFWXJH at checkout to save. This price is available until November 20. You can pick up Mindkoo’s soundbar and wireless subwoofer from Amazon using the link down below.


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