AR Gaming App Krikey Adds Multiplayer Basketball


In Short: Krikey, a multiplayer AR gaming app that allows you to play with people in the same space as you or thousands of miles away, has added in a flick basketball game. The new game mode overlays a basketball hoop somewhere in your real-world space, and allows you to walk around a defined area, with full support for ducking and even jumping, and take your shots from anywhere on the field. The game is essentially a basketball shootout, giving you 30 seconds to sink as many baskets as you can, no matter how they're done. Like other Krikey games, you can choose to play with a friend, whom you can summon via Android's built-in sharing menu. This means you can play with your boss in another town or a friend from another country by getting them in-game via email, or nab somebody standing in the same room to play a round with you. You can also play by yourself. Whether you shoot solo or have some competition, the app allows you to record your gameplay and share it online, including on Krikey's built-in video sharing platform made to let players share their coolest plays and the odd locations they play Krikey games in.

Background: The hoops are a fixed height off the ground, making it difficult to cheat by simply standing over the hoop and dropping balls in. The game can be played on any flat surface, meaning you can take it outside, play it on a table as seen in the video below, or even head to a vast space to play a large-scale game. Once you have a hoop up, the timer begins. Turn your phone toward the hoop, then flick with a finger or your thumb. It's a lot like playing contemporary flick basketball games on Android, though the AR factor makes it a bit more akin to throwing a Pokeball in Pokemon GO. It's worth noting that the game requires support for Google's ARCore toolkit, so it will only work on somewhat modern phones. Thankfully, many flagship and even upper-mid range devices from around 2016 and later will work fine, and Google has a list of specific supported devices if you're not sure. The only kicker is that your device must be running Android version 8.0 Oreo or later.

Impact: Krikey is already one of the easiest ways to get into the AR gaming craze, and adding in a game as simple and competition-friendly as flick basketball makes it even easier. As more and more games are added, expect to see Krikey's popularity grow worldwide. The many games within the app lend themselves quite well to playing just about anywhere. The nature of the app also makes organic growth extremely easy, since players are encouraged to rope their friends into the trend. The number of people who own ARCore-enabled smartphones is pretty vast these days, meaning that most people should be able to jump into a game on Krikey with no issues, and will probably bring as many friends along as they can convince.



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