Jaybird's New Tarah Pro Headphones Feature 14-Hour Battery, Personalized EQ


Jaybird today announced its latest personal headphones solution aimed at sports-minded buyers, the Tarah Pro. While the Tarah Pro represents a follow on product to the company's original Tarah headphones, it also represents the first of a new "Pro" line which the company hopes will further service those in need of a more premium personal audio experience. In other words, the Tarah Pro builds on the original Tarah headphones by adding a greater capacity battery for longer-lasting levels of usage away from the charge, and a number of design tweaks in general that will likely appeal more to the sporty and adventurous type, including magnetism, swivel earbuds, and a new way to charge the headphones.

The Jaybird Tarah Pro cost $159.99 in the US, are available to order from the company's website starting today and are expected to become available through additional retailers in the coming weeks – during November. In terms of color options, the Tarah Pro be available in both a Black/Flash and Mineral Blue/Jade color options, while a third Titanium/Glacier option will also be available but only when the headphones are ordered directly from the company.

Background: Jaybird has always been a company that's preferred to focus on sports users and therefore its products have come with a very similar design and level of build quality. This is even more true of the company's latest offering with the Jaybird Tarah and Tarah Pro both very similar in overall design. However, the company has tweaked a number of design points and the first to note is the battery which now sees the Tarah Pro offering up to fourteen hours of usage off each charge – this compares to the eight hours of usage that's on offer with the original Tarah headphones. According to the company, two hours is enough to refill the battery completely and to provide enough power for up to another fourteen hours, while those short on time can expect a quick five minute charge to result in up to two hours of usage. What's more, with the Tarah Pro the company is introducing a new proprietary charger that makes it easier to charge the headphones. This charger is very similar to the type utilized with a smartwatch and therefore users just snap-connect the charger to the in-line remote and the headphones immediately enter a charging state.


The snapping action is not only resigned to the charging either, as the two earbuds now boast a magnetic factor which means when they are snapped together they lock to each other and stay locked until ready for use again. The idea here is to make it easier for sports users to quickly remove the earbuds from the ears, and store them securely, but without having to remove them entirely from the body. Additionally, the magnetism will also pause the music and after fifteen minutes of inactivity the earbuds power down completely to save on battery life.

Coming to the sound quality, these headphones adopt the same drivers found in the company's original Tarah and X4 models and so users can expect a very similar sound overall. Although Jaybird has said the enclosure is slightly different, resulting in improved acoustics which in turn will offer a slightly more unique sound profile. These headphones also employ Bluetooth version 5.0 which should mean they offer a more reliable connection in general, and a better quality sound when streaming music from a compatible device. As a means to improve the quality of the sound at the artificial level, and coinciding with the launch of the Tarah Pro, Jaybird has introduced a new 'personalized EQ' feature to the corresponding Android app. Once downloaded the new feature will guide the user through a quick setup process where the parameters of the EQ are set to be in line with the user's individual hearing. Basically, the app will identify at what point a user hears certain frequency range points and then use these indicators to create a curated EQ that's specifically in tune with the individual user. Although this feature is rolling out to the existing Jaybird Android app, the company has confirmed the feature is exclusive to the new Tarah Pro headphones. So while the hardware is not that different to the original Tarah model, buyers of the new headphones can still expect more of a fine-tuned and customized sound that's specific to them, and even more so when coupled with the app.

Impact: What's clear from the launch of the Jaybird Tarah Pro is the company has now released a lineup that caters to just about every type of user possible. Those looking for a more budget pair of headphones can opt for the original Tarah model. While those looking for a slightly more workhorse pair that provide improvements in battery life will want to check out the company's X4 headphones. If the true wireless design is more to an individual's liking, then this is where Jaybird's RUN true wireless earbuds come in. While those looking for a semi-wired, but Bluetooth set of headphones, that offer a greatly-improved level of battery life, and a robust build quality, now have the option of purchasing the all-new Tarah Pro.


A point to note, the proprietary charger used here does mean that these headphones cannot simply be charged by any charger and buyers will need to make sure only the company's charger included in the box is used each time. While this might prove less appealing to those who often switch between different USB cables at home and at work, Jaybird states one of the fundamental reasons it's introduced the new charger is to ensure the sweat-proof nature of the headphones is as robust as possible. Not to mention the suggested fourteen hours of usage on a single charge is likely to be more than enough to keep the headphones powered anyway, and even during the longest of workouts and days. The company has also confirmed it will be selling replacement chargers via its online store and at a cost of $8.99. So users will be able to replace the charger as and when needed, or buy an additional one to keep and use at a secondary location.

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