InboxIt App Lets You Share Content To Your Email With One Tap

InboxIt is a really interesting new application that has popped up in the Google Play Store. This is a brand new application that is quite handy if you’d like to save something really fast to your e-mail’s inbox account. If you’re confused, let us explain. In case you save a lot of images, web pages, or something similar, for work, or any other reason, well, thanks to this app, you can save all that directly to your e-mail’s inbox. All you have to do while you’re on any website is hit the share button in your browser, and share with InboxIt, at that point, the app will start sending whatever you selected to your e-mail’s inbox. Once the process completes, it will notify you via a toast message, simply saying ‘inboxed’. When you open your e-mail’s inbox, you will see an unread mail with the content that you’ve selected. This is actually perfect or those of you who use e-mail for work and have a ton of stuff to save, and attend to later, this way you will open your e-mail and have unread e-mail from InboxIt to attend to, and thanks to that fact, there’s not a chance you’ll forget to do it.

This application has a number of additional options in settings, though for most of them you will need to make a one-time payment in order to achieve ‘Premium’ status. In order to do that, you will need to part with around $1, which is not a high price to pay or an app that will increase your productivity, as a premium subscription will make it possible for you to set a custom recipient, e-mail subject prefix, and Gmail labels. If you don’t need any of those features, however, and you’re happy with the way this app works by default, then you’re good to go, the app is free to use. All you need to do when you download and install this application, is to set which accounts would you like to use InboxIt with, if you have several attached to your phone. We’ve tested the app with one of our Gmail accounts, and it worked really well. The developer notes that a Gmail account is required for using the app, but that items can be saved to any account. The design of this app is quite minimal, but that’s not all that important, as you won’t be seeing it much, the only time when you’ll actually see the design of InboxIt is when you mess around with settings, you will use this app from your phone’s share menu by simply clicking on its icon, and that’s it. It is worth noting that you can save content up to 25MB, per save. So if you’re saving a video, for example, it can’t be larger than 25MB in size. This is the same limit as Gmail offer for e-mails that you send manually, as it will prevent you to attach content that collectively weighs over 25MB.

Background: As already mentioned, this is a brand new application, the app has been downloaded around 500 times thus far, and it weighs 4.6MB, so it’s quite light. The app is currently in version 1.1.4, and it is holding a 4.6-star rating in the Play Store. At the time of writing this article, 39 people reviewed the application, in case you were wondering. This app has been developed and published by a developer called “Sagi Lowenhardt”, and this is his fifth application. Some of his other work includes WiMinder, Float Lock, Calendar Status, and OrientationLocker. None of those apps are extremely popular, but some of them are rather good, especially the Float Lock and Calendar Status apps. Float Lock basically brings you Android Pie’s pop-up screen lock option. Imagine you’re lying in bed, and the screen rotates as it’s set to auto rotate, well you can avoid that by using this app, as it will merely suggest that you rotate the screen but it will not do it automatically, as an icon will appear on the display which you can click in order to rotate the display, if you do not, it will simply disappear. The same happens in Android Pie when you’re using Google’s navigation bar. Calendar Status, on the other hand, places your calendar agenda on your notification drawer, so that you can glance at it whenever you want. This app also supports Google Tasks, and it has a ton of option on the inside that you can check out.

Impact: InboxIt is a rather interesting application that some of you may find useful. This can be a good alternative to apps such as Pocket, for example, even though the premise is a little bit different. Pocket saves content offline for later usage, but some people use it as a bookmarking service. Well, InboxIt can serve you as a reminder app, especially for business, but only if you’re using your e-mail a lot, of course. In just one tap you can create reminders that will be stored in your e-mail’s inbox, and be marked unread at the same time. Premium subscription will offer you even more options so that you can adjust this app to your liking even more. In addition to images and web pages that you can save, you can do the same for videos, for example, all in all, as long as there is a share option available on your smartphone, you’re good to go. The InboxIt application is free to use, ads are not a part of the package, so if you don’t need the extra options that we’ve talked about, you can just use it as it is and not worry about anything. If you’re interested in checking out this application, its Google Play Store listing is linked down below, from where you can download it. Before you do that, however, feel free to check out the gallery down below where we’ve included some official images of this application, just so you get a better idea of what you’re dealing with. An official YouTube video for the app is also available, and embedded down below.

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