iGaming on the Go with Your Android Device

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Mobile gaming has come so far in such a short period with players now being able to enjoy a wide variety of online casino games right in the palms of their hands. The time within which the mobile gaming platforms have evolved has been marked by several different occurrences and significant changes that have shaped the way we play casino games. On the mobile front, in spite of the existence of fringe players such as Nokia and Blackberry (before they switched to Android) and Windows Mobile, there have always been two choices for mobile gamblers – that is Android and iOS.

When it comes to numbers, Android is the clear winner of the raging battle between the two mobile platforms – this can be proven by the fact that Android devices make up well over 50 percent of the global mobile market share. As such, for the online casino industry, the operating system is a very important player particularly because of its wide range of users as well as the versatility, diversity and the affordability of the Android-powered devices.

In 2018, finding an online casino operator that does not offer Android apps is almost impossible and this further proves that the platform is just as good as we may have imagined. Taking into account the fact that finding one of these Android casinos is as simple as typing in the name of your favorite casino or casino game on Google, it is clear that it’s here to stay. So, whether you prefer to play casino games for real money or you just want to play for fun, you will definitely find something that tickles your fancy on Android.


Why Android? 

Android has been able to climb to the top of the mobile category to become a dominant operating system because of its extremely easy to use interface, affordability of the devices and most importantly, full support from just about every software provider. This means more and more casinos are investing lots of resources to ensure that their mobile offerings match up to the expectations of Android users in as far as usability and great design are concerned.

Obviously, one of the most appealing aspects of gambling on Android devices is the portability that they offer – no one wants to be tied to their desktop or bulky laptop to enjoy the huge collection of online casino games offered on the internet. However, portability is just the icing on the cake as there is so much more that players have to gain when they play on their Android devices.

One of these other factors that make gambling on Android a worthy choice is security. It goes without saying that no online casino is worth your time or hard-earned money if it does not have outstanding security policies in place. Fortunately, for Android gamblers, most casinos such as the ones found at RealMoneyGambling.com have been approved by reputable organizations such as eCOGRA. Moreover, the Google Play Store has very strict policies when it comes to the apps that are allowed on the platform – untrustworthy casino gaming apps never make it past the screening process.

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 Google’s Policies

Google has been very critical when it comes to allowing real money gambling apps onto its application store. Thankfully, advancements in encryption technology has allowed more gambling apps into the Google Play Store and more operators jumped at the opportunity to cater to the Android market. As soon as the change took effect, several different kinds of gambling apps were uploaded. For players, this means more games to enjoy while for the casino operators it marked a great development for their app distribution efforts by allowing a more effective and trustworthy means of reaching their audiences.

Previously, casino operators were forced to distribute their apps through third-party channels which for obvious reasons did not resonate well with their customers. However, with the more precise and clearer framework that exists in Google’s updated policy, operators can now easily deliver outstanding mobile gaming services to their Android customers. Already, this is paying off since there has been a huge influx of gambling apps on the store – their download statistics are not disappointing either.

Instant Play Is Still an Option

While downloaded versions of online casinos are still very popular among players, a significant number of Android gamblers have been able to enjoy the games through their browsers. Android has always been at the forefront of bleeding edge technology with two of the most notable being Flash and HTML5. As such, these devices always support the latest flash-based applications, the majority of which are online casino games.


Instant play casinos work flawlessly, feature insanely crisp graphics and sound effects, are very secure and, last but not least, save a ton of storage space. Android devices are inherently great at handling web services which makes them ideal for enjoying cross-platform casino content.

 The Games

Nearly all the existing Android devices are equipped with sophisticated technologies and software which means that just about any mobile casino game will work, so instant play or downloadable Android app will work as expected. There are, of course, a plethora of casino games that have been optimized for Android phones:

Table games: – Nearly all online casino operators have table games such as Roulette, Blackjack, and Caribbean Stud in their catalogs. All these have been optimized to work on both the smaller-sized Android smartphones as well as on the Android tablets with bigger screens.


Video slots: – These are usually the most popular choice of casino games for mobile gamers especially those that are using Android devices. Keeping this in mind, casino game developers have strived to deliver some of the most ultra-realistic and immersive video slot gaming experiences to their Android customers. This has been achieved through exceptional design, amazing audio effect engineering and next-level optimization for both smartphones and tablets that are running the Android operating system.

If these do not quite meet your casino gaming needs, there are a number of other casino games like keno, bingo and scratch cards for your Android device. These games feature the same amazing audio-visual cues that the other games do so you will not miss out on anything.

Happy Android gaming.