Holiday Gift Guide 2018 – 2019: Best Gaming Consoles, Games & Accessories

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The gaming industry is huge these days, and there are a number of consoles out there that are worth buying, though some are more popular than others. Having said that, gaming consoles, games and gaming accessories are quite popular during the holidays, no matter if you’re buying them for your kid, friend, relative, or whoever. In this list, we will include the very best consoles out there, some accessories for those consoles, and quite possibly a couple of games as well, so if you’re looking for ideas on what to buy in the gaming region, well, feel free to check out the list down below.

Prices below are subject to change. This post will be updated regularly to ensure the most up-to-date pricing, but during the holidays, there will be flash sales and price drops so keep that in mind.

Best Gaming Console Overall – if you’re looking for the very best console out there


Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is the most popular gaming console out there at the moment, it’s quite powerful, tons of games are available for it (including exclusives), and it comes in a number of variants. You can choose between a regular console and a ‘Pro’ version for 4K TVs, while those two consoles also come with different storage options. Along with the console itself, you will get a single Dualshock 4 wireless controller. It is worth noting that the PlayStation 4 Pro improves performance even on non-4K TVs, so it’s a good idea to get it over the regular model.

PlayStation 4 Slim - Amazon - $292.97


PlayStation 4 Pro - Amazon - $299.95

Best Console + Game Bundle – if you want to get the best console, and one of the most popular games with it


If you’re looking to purchase the PlayStation 4 Pro, and would also like something to play, the Red Dead Redemption 2 is quite possibly the most talked-about game on the planet at the moment, and it’s available bundled in with the console. We’re looking at the PlayStation 4 Pro here with 1TB of storage on the inside, and along with the console and the game, you will also get a single wireless Dualshock controller.

PlayStation 4 Pro + Red Dead Redemption 2 - Amazon - $449

Best Alternative To The PlayStation 4 – if you don’t want to get the PlayStation 4, but the best alternative


Microsoft’s Xbox console always comes to mind when gaming consoles are a topic of a conversation, and the latest Xbox consoles are the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, both of which we’ve listed down below. The differences between the two consoles are not that significant (save for one we’ll talk about), though if you’re looking to get the very best, the Xbox One X is your best bet, it’s the latest one, and it offers some tweaks compared to the Xbox One S, including first true 4K gaming experience, while the Xbox One S can upscale fullHD games to 4K.

Xbox One S - Amazon - $289


Xbox One X - Amazon - $433.93

Best Portable Console – if you’re often on the go, and don’t spend much time at home


The Nintendo Switch is quite possibly the best console out there for those of you who are not at home often, and want something to keep them occupied while traveling, commuting, and so on. The Nintendo Switch console can be connected to a TV, using a dock, though, so you can enjoy Nintendo Switch games on your TV in fullHD as well. The Nintendo Switch is available in variants with both Gray joy-cons, and also neon red and neon blue ones, both of which are listed down below.

Nintendo Switch (Gray Joy-Cons) - Amazon - $299

Nintendo Switch (Neon Red & Neon Blue Joy-Cons) - Amazon - $299


Best Classic Console – if you want simpler games that were popular decades ago

Nintendo released the SNES Nintendo Classic Mini console a while back, and it comes with 21 games pre-installed, at least the version that we’ve linked down below. In this package, you will get the mini console itself, along with two controllers, which look the same as the old ones. As part of this package, you will get a ton of various games, including Super Mario World, Zelda, Star Fox 2, Street Fighter 2, and so on, a ton of classics are included in the package.

SNES Nintendo Classic Mini - Amazon - $92

Second-Best Classic Console – if you want to go further down the rabbit hole, and get something that came before Super Nintendo

Before Super Nintendo Classic got announced, Nintendo also released the NES (Nintendo) Classic Edition console, which brings games from the ‘Nintendo’ console to your TV. This console comes with a single controller, and 30 games pre-installed. You will get games like Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., Mega Man, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Dr. Mario, PAC-MAN, and so on. This console may not be the best for newer generations, but some of you remember very well some of these games, and would be glad to play them again.

NES Classic Edition - Amazon - $59.99

Best VR Accessory – if you’re looking to try out VR games on PlayStation 4

Sony released PlayStation VR quite some time ago, and you will find a number of VR games in the PlayStation Store. This VR headset will project VR games on a 5.7-inch OLED fullHD display running at 120FPS, while this headset also comes with 3D Audio, which enhances regular audio experience quite a bit, in order to project VR environment to the best of its ability. Needless to say, you will need to own the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro in order to use this VR headset.

PlayStation VR - Amazon - $257.99

Best DualShock 4 Charging Station – if you’re looking for a new way to charge up your DualShock 4 controller(s)

If you don’t want to plug in your DualShock 4 controller every time it needs recharging, you may want to invest in a charging station. The BEBONCOOL PS4 control charging station can charge up to two DualShock 4 controllers at the same time, and it looks good while doing it. This charging station comes with an LED charging indicator on the front, which will indicate when the charging is complete, and two separate sets of LED lights are available, for each of the two controllers, of course.

BEBEONCOOL PS4 DualShock 4 Charging Station - Amazon - $13.99

Best DualShock 4 Variant – if you’re looking for a better-looking DualShock 4 controller

All DualShock 4 controllers are essentially the same on the inside, and they sport the same design, but the paint job is different on some models, so you can get cyan, black, red, yellow… and a number of other colors, not to mention that some special edition ones are also available, which are bundled in with special edition PlayStation 4 consoles. Having said that, in our opinion, the red-colored (officially called Magma Red) DualShock 4 controller looks best, it simply pops, which is why it’s highlighted down below.

DualShock 4 Magma Red - Amazon - $68.99

Best Multipurpose PlayStation 4 accessory- if you’re looking for one of the best third-party accessories for the PlayStation 4

A ton of third-party accessories for the PlayStation 4 are available out there, and the Kootek’s vertical stand / cooling station is one of the best that you can get. Using this stand, your console will assume a vertical position, while your controllers (2 of them) can fit next to it. Interestingly enough, this charging station can also charge your DualShock 4 controllers if you want, so it’s a multi-purpose accessory no matter what way you look at it.

Kootek Vertical Stand For PS4 - Amazon - $16.99

UPDATE December 10 – currently unavailable

Best Nintendo Switch Accessory – if you don’t like joy-cons all that much, and are looking for a new way to game on the Nintendo Switch

Playing games with joy-cons is enough for some, but if you’d like to exchange them for a full-fledged controller, well, you can do that as well. Nintendo has released a ‘Switch Pro’ controller for its gaming console, and that controller is kind of similar to what Sony and Microsoft have to offer for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S / X. You will find plenty of buttons on it, including a d-pad, and two analog sticks… this is also a wireless controller, in case you were wondering.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller - Amazon - $59.99