Holiday Gift Guide 2018 - 2019: Best Gifts Under $50

By Alexander Maxham November 09, 2018, 11:04am
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When it comes to gifts this holiday season, you can spend a ton on the perfect gift. Or you can save some cash and spend less than $50 on a gift that everyone is going to love. That’s what we are here to showcase today. The fact that you don’t need to go bankrupt to get the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Whether you are taking part in a secret Santa and have a small limit to work with for gifts, or just don’t have the cash to go all out on everyone on your list this year, there’s something for everyone.

Prices below are subject to change. This post will be updated regularly to ensure the most up-to-date pricing, but during the holidays, there will be flash sales and price drops so keep that in mind.

Best Everyday Bluetooth Speaker - listen to your tunes all-day and all-night!

Anker’s Soundcore 2 is a slightly older Bluetooth speaker, but it is still pretty incredible for under $40. This Bluetooth speaker outputs some great sounding audio, we’re talking on par with many of the high-end speakers out there. It also has some great battery life, at over 24 hours of continuous playback. Anker also made sure it was water-resistant, so it could be tossed into a pool, or even the shower, and continue playing. It’s rated at IPX5 for water-resistance.

Best Smart Speaker - give the gift of Amazon Alexa

Eufy, which is a division of Anker, has an Amazon Alexa smart speaker, that is super cheap. The speaker quality isn’t that great here, the real selling point is Amazon Alexa. Allowing you to ask Alexa to control your smart home products within your home, asking her the weather, telling her to turn on Netflix and so much more.

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - take your tunes to the beach, or the pool

The JBL Clip 3 is a small, yet pretty powerful Bluetooth speaker from Harman. This one offers some great sounding audio, but it is also fully waterproof with an IPX7 rating. This makes it a great option to hang in the shower, or take to the pool. It also comes with a carabiner hook included, so you can clip it onto your backpack when you’re traveling. It also has some pretty incredible battery life for its size, touting around 10 hours of playback.

Best Active Noise Cancelling Headphones - block out all the noise around you

COWIN has a new pair of headphones that cost $50 on the dot. These are the E7 which sport active noise cancellation, and is a great pair of headphones to pick up. With Active Noise Cancellation, you are going to be able to block out all of the noise around you, and be able to go to sleep on a long flight, or just listen to your music on the go. These are great for those that do have long commutes everyday on public transportation.

Best Everyday Trimmer - get rid of that excess facial hair, for less

Men could always use a new shaver or trimmer, and that’s what we have here. For under $50, you can pick up the Philips Norelco OneBlade. This is a hybrid trimmer and shaver. It’s quite small, so it can get into the small areas, including your nose and ear to get rid of the unwanted hair in those areas as well. It’s also small enough to edge up those sideburns, or clean up that beard and moustache as well.

Best TV Streamer - stream Netflix & more in 4K!

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K just launched last month, and it is definitely a good option for a gift under $50. That is because you are getting a really incredible value here. This is a very small HDMI stick, that does support 4K and Dolby Atmos, giving you a great picture and some great audio. The Fire TV Stick 4K also has all of the big names here, including Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO and so much more.

Best Everyday SD Card - store photos with ease

If you have someone that is a photographer on your list, then this SD card is going to be a good option. Seeing as photographers can never really have too many SD cards - that is because they will fail eventually. This SD card from SanDisk, sports 95MB/s read and write speeds, so you can get some ultra-fast speeds here for recording video, as well as taking photos. This will work with 4K pretty easily.

Best Phone Grip - hold onto your phone and never worry about it falling out of your hands again

Smartphones are getting larger and larger, and starting to encroach on Tablet sizes. They are also using more premium materials like glass which is much more slippery to hold onto. Making it tougher to hold onto these devices. But a PopSocket will solve that issue, and it only costs around $10. These come in a slew of colors and designs. Not to mention the fact that it is a collapsible grip that you can use to hold onto your phone, but it can also double as a stand for watching video on your smartphone or tablet.

Best Key Finder - never misplace your keys again!

If you know someone that is always losing their keys, their wallet or something else, then Tile is the perfect gift for them. Tile is a key finder, but it also works for finding virtually anything else. You can slip one into your wallet, and then when you misplace it, use the app on Android or iOS to find it again. The battery inside will last around a year. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone and has a range of around 200-feet.

Best Nintendo Joy-cons Charging Station - keep your Joy-cons fully charged for game time

The Nintendo Switch is a pretty popular console, and a lot of people do like to plug it into the TV and use it on the big screen. Which is what it’s made for. But you are going to want to make sure that the Joy-cons are fully charged. Thankfully, Amazon has a really good looking charging station for the Joy-cons from its AmazonBasics brand. This one is under $20 and will keep your Joy-cons charged all the time, for when you want to get some gaming in.

Best Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 - have a spare for when friends come over to play

The PlayStation 4 has one of the best controllers out there, and it never hurts to pick up another one. Whether that's so you can play with friends when they come over this holiday season, or perhaps as a spare for when you get upset and break the one that came with the PlayStation 4. This is a great option this holiday season. It's very ergonomic, and easy to get setup.

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