Holiday Gift Guide 2018 – 2019: Best Fitness Trackers


The holiday season is usually the time when people decide to get fitter as part of their New Year's resolutions and as doing so is anything but easy, you should be looking at getting all the help you can. Obtaining a dedicated fitness tracker should be at the top of your list of priorities if you're getting serious about exercising, though these convenient gadgets also make for great gifts for your loved ones. With that in mind, AndroidHeadlines is here to help with a list of today's best fitness trackers and wearables for every occasion.

Prices below are subject to change. This post will be updated regularly to ensure the most up-to-date pricing, but during the holidays, there will be flash sales and price drops so keep that in mind.

Best Overall Fitness Tracker – the cutting-edge gadget that will please the vast majority



Fitbit's name became synonymous with fitness trackers over the last several years and the Charge 3 is yet another proof that the San Francisco-based company remains the king of wearables. This gadget is the ultimate fitness tracker that caters to the widest audience, from runners and cyclists to swimmers, yoga practitioners, and many others. While there are few segments in which the Charge 3 truly tops everything else on the market, this jack-of-all-trades design works extremely well and coupled with a reasonable price makes Fitbit's latest offering the safest and best overall wearable bet in 2018.

Fitbit Charge 3 - $119 (Amazon)

Best Fitness Tracker For Newbies – the ideal entry point into wearables



If you never owned a fitness tracker and aren't certain you even need one, the safest course of action is to find a solid entry-level device that will provide you with a glimpse of intelligent analytics without requiring you to break the bank. Enter Honor's A1, a smart band that comes in a variety of colors, can last for a month on a single battery charge, and delivers basic fitness tracking features such as a step counter, sleep pattern monitoring, and even a UV light indicator. Better yet, it's waterproof and works with all contemporary Android and iOS devices, thus being a truly amazing option at only $9.99.

HUAWEI Honor A1 - $14.99 (Amazon

Best Value Fitness Tracker – for those who take sensible spending as seriously as exercise



Water resistance, robust fitness tracking capabilities with real-time data, Android compatibility, smartphone notifications support, an OLED screen, and a 20-day battery – the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has it all. Naturally, so do many of its rivals, but what sets this gadget apart from the rest is its incredible price tag, with the wearable retailing at under $35. The Mi Band 3 is the wearable epitome of Xiaomi's business strategy aimed at providing consumers with maximum value for their money so if being sensible about your budget is something you care deeply about, this wearable should be at the top of your next holiday shopping list.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 - $34 (Amazon)

Best Fitness Tracker For Runners – let technology help you focus on your running



The Gear Fit2 Pro is no longer Samsung's latest wearable but given its comprehensive feature set and the fact that the newer (and more expensive) Galaxy Watch doesn't really improve upon athlete-focused functionalities, this is still the best fitness tracker for runners. Unlike many entry-level wearables, the Gear Fit2 Pro is an entirely standalone device that doesn't need to be paired with a smartphone in order to stay operational, meaning you can leave your handset at home while you're out on a run and will still benefit from the latest fitness-tracking technologies the industry has to offer. Coupled with the ability to relay music to your wireless earbuds, the Gear Fit2 Pro is arguably the modern runner's best friend.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro - $223 (Amazon)

Best Fitness Tracker For Elderly – peace of mind now comes in a tiny form factor



If you're on the lookout for a comprehensive gadget that will help a senior stay active and track their health indicators, the Fitbit Zip is the best choice on the market. It's extremely simple to use, can be attached to pretty much anything, tracks a variety of activities, keeps its users motivated with consistent (and customizable) reminders, and can be paired with the Fitbit mobile app for Android and iOS devices whose online community is full of other seniors working on improving or maintaining their wellbeing. Just note that the Fitbit Zip nor any other consumer-grade fitness tracker on the market is a viable replacement for a dedicated medical alert device meant to detect falls and similar hazards.

Fitbit Zip - $77 (Amazon)

Best Fitness Tracker For Lazy People – when you don't want to buy yet another thing that needs charging


If you like the idea of fitness trackers but hate the very notion of worrying about yet another piece of electronics in your household that needs charging, look no further than the Garmin Vivofit 4. This tremendous gadget will provide you with nearly every capability of a contemporary wearable but stay operational for around a year on a single battery. What's particularly impressive is that it manages to do so while still featuring an always-on, colored display panel. Coupled with the Garmin Connect app and waterproofing capabilities, this is by far the best worry-free wearable money can currently buy.

Garmin Vivofit 4 - $59 (Amazon)

Best Fitness Tracker For Children – kids need exercise as well


If you want to provide your kid with a fitness tracker that will encourage them to stay active by gamifying the entire process, Garmin's Vivofit Jr. 2 has been purpose-built just for that scenario. Besides the year-long battery boasted by its adult-oriented peer, this wearable is also compatible with a dedicated parenting app you can use to set chores or fitness goals for your child and reward them for completing them. Its band is also adjustable to fit any wrist size and it comes in variants themed after Captain America and Star Wars for some bonus style points. In overall, it's a great package that may end up significantly improving the quality of life of both you and your kids.

Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 - $89 (Amazon)

Best Fitness Tracker For Gifting – make this a Christmas to remember without going overboard


If you don't want to cheap out on this year's gifts but still don't want to go overboard and you're looking at fitness trackers, look no further than the Huawei Band 3 Pro. It has basically every feature a contemporary wearable can offer, including built-in GPS, while still being reasonably priced. It also comes in a varied range of colors and looks rather stylish, not to mention it can double as a smartphone camera remote, so it's a really versatile device that will serve as a great gift this holiday season.

Huawei Band 3 Pro - $69 (Amazon)

Best fitness tracker for women – that little extra something to help in your everyday routine


The second most successful Croatian startup in terms of raised funding — Bellabeat — made a name for itself long before opening a U.S. office in early 2018, with the company opting to specialize in stylish fitness trackers designed specifically for women. The original Leaf remains its most popular offering, providing users with 24-hour activity analytics, water resistance, reproductive health monitoring, menstrual cycle tracking, and a six-month battery. The stone-like wood composite coupled with a hypoallergenic clip made of stainless steel makes this as much of a fashion accessory as a fitness tracker, whereas support for Android and iOS will allow you to track your activity data in real time whenever you feel like it. And best of all – the Bellabet Leaf is worn around one's neck, meaning it's one of the more inconspicuous fitness trackers out there.

Bellabeat Leaf - $99 (Amazon)

Most Stylish Fitness Tracker – no, you won't look fat with this one


When it comes to blending wrist-worn gadgets with fashion, nothing beats simplicity, and that's what the Fitbit Flex 2 is all about (though granted, there's no accounting for taste). Despite offering the majority of features of its larger brethren (bar a full-fledged screen and built-in GPS), this gadget is extremely slim, lightweight, and comes in four colors that will fit just about any style. It pairs with your Android or iOS smartphone and relays fitness data to it, with all of its tracking being done automatically; simply put it on, start working out, and it will recognize your intentions immediately and start tracking your performance in the gym, on the race course, or in the shower. When you combine that level of convenience with a minimalist design, you get one of the best fitness trackers money can currently buy, and the fact that it comes from an established electronics brand is just an added bonus.

Fitbit Flex 2 - $58 (Amazon)

Most Inconspicuous-Looking Fitness Tracker – get your health measurements without the world knowing


Some of the wearables on this list are rather inconspicuous but if you're on the lookout for the most incognito thing out there, what you want is the Motiv Ring. Much like its name implies, this gadget is visually indistinguishable from an ordinary ring, having been designed to serve as a trusted fitness companion that delivers three days of battery life from a 90-minute charge. The device has a titanium shell which makes it both sturdy and comfortable to wear, with waterproofing, two-factor authentication support, and robust fitness tracking capabilities all being part of this sleek package. If you're worried about your or your loved one's fingers being too thick or thin for the ring to fit, the company behind the product will also provide you with a sizing kit to determine the exact form factor you need. If you want your fitness tracker to mask its true purpose by any means necessary, you won't find a better option than the Motiv Ring in 2018.

Motiv Ring - $199 (Amazon)