Here's the Number One App For Remembering Names

name skillz

Everybody has met someone who’s enviably good with names – who can tell you what all the characters are called in Game of Thrones and makes everybody at a party feel welcome by greeting them personally. It’s almost a superpower, and for most of us, this ability is completely out of reach, like solving a Rubik’s Cube in 10 seconds or understanding A Brief History of Time. Until now. Name Skillz is a new app from developer Neuro Skillz that promises to teach everybody the astonishing trick of remembering names.

If you’ve ever used the seminal language teaching app Duolingo you’ll know where you are with Neuro Skillz. The app breaks the name-remembering process down into three easy steps: an introduction to how the system works, a picture association game, and a test with virtual subjects. Using a method proven to increase name retention by 65%, Name Skillz shows you 200 different flashcards pairing the 200 commonest names in the US with a wide range of imagery selected to be as memorable and unusual as possible, before letting you put your new found skills to the test. Crucially, the whole process is inserted into a slick, intuitive, gamified package, so that acquiring this new skill is always fun. As you use the app your rank will steadily increase, and you’ll want to unlock all the achievements and earn the fist pump of a perfect score.

So why would you want to become better at remembering names? Aside from the obvious benefits in terms of being more polite and avoiding faux pas, you’ll stand to reap professional rewards whatever field you work in. Whether you’re a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a grocery store clerk, or a traffic warden, your life will be made infinitely easier, happier, and even more lucrative if you can remember the names of the people you meet.


Name Skillz is available for $4.99. Download it now on Google Play and the App Store.