Hayabusa & PunchLab Intro Interactive Boxing Using An App


Hayabusa and PunchLab have joined forces in order to, using their words, "brings interactive boxing training into your home or gym". So, what's this all about? Well, Hayabusa has released a special edition bundle for those of you who are planning to start "fitness combat", as you can get a phone strap, an app, and a free membership deal all in one. Everyone revolves around an app that is available in the PlayStore, PunchLab Powered by Hayabusa is an Android app (it's also available for iOS), which can turn your boxing back into an interactive training device, hence the first sentence. In addition to this application, you can also get Hayabusa gloves, and a phone strap from the company, and that phone strap attaches to your boxing bag, no matter if you're training at home or in the gym. If you opt to purchase a pair of Hayabusa gloves, you will get a 3-month of free training from the company, which you'll be able to unlock via a code that you'll receive.

Using the company's application, you can choose between different workout programs, while you can also participate in interactive training, challenges, live one-on-one competitions, social leaderboards, and so on. Once the three months are up, you can continue using the application, but you'll need to pay up, the company has a subscription service which costs $4 per month, or $48 annually. The company's application is really easy to use, the design is quite straightforward, and it comes with rather large buttons which are extremely easy to press, so that you don't have issues with it while your phone is in a strap. The company also notes that its application has been tested by boxers and fighters all over the world, and that it is great to build up cardio, as well as for fitness training and self-defense. If you'd like to give it a go, you can check out this application via the link (Google Play Store) below this article. There are various gloves that you can get from Hayabusa's official website, hayabusafight.com, ranging from regular boxing gloves, to open palm boxing gloves, so take your pick if you're interested.

Background: For those of you who are not familiar with Hayabusa, it's a very well-known company which manufactures sports equipment, and it has been around since 2006. The company focuses on fitness combat equipment, though they did manufacture all sorts of products to this day. Various professionals use the company's equipment, like the Georges St-Pierre, for example. PunchLab, on the other hand, is a software-making company, which is best known for the product in front of you, the app that they made in partnership with Hayabusa.


Impact: Truth be said, this app is not for everyone, of course, but if you're looking to get into fitness combat, and you don't mind paying a monthly subscription fee in order to access professional training plans and various other content, then this may be the app for you. You can, of course, buy Hayabusa's boxing gloves as well, in order to receive the phone strap, and bring your training to a whole new level.

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