Samsung Galaxy S9 $519, Galaxy S9+ $639 – Samsung Black Friday 2018 Deals

Samsung Galaxy S9 Deal NEW AH

Samsung is discounting two of its most popular 2018 smartphones, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ today. These are both unlocked smartphones, and the Galaxy S9 is going for $519, while the Galaxy S9+ is priced at $639. These are all-time lows for both smartphones – when it comes to new models, refurbished ones have been cheaper. These are available unlocked, so you can use it on any carrier you wish. Samsung also allows for financing of these smartphones, in case you can’t or don’t want to, pay the full price right now.

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are both great smartphones to pick up. The Galaxy S9 is great for those that want a smaller phone, with a 5.8-inch Quad HD display, while the Galaxy S9+ is a bit larger with a 6.3-inch display and it also adds that second camera which is a telephoto lens. Otherwise, these both have the same specs, which includes the Snapdragon 845 chipset with 64GB of storage. There is a micro SD card slot available here, which means you can expand storage, and there is a great sale going on right now for Samsung’s own EVO Select micro SD Cards. You can pick up the Galaxy S9 and/or the Galaxy S9+ from Samsung using the links below.

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