Fitbit Slashes $30 Off Select Fitness Trackers For Cyber Week

Fitbit Alta HR

While a number of different Fitbit fitness trackers were on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, some of its fitness trackers remain on sale for Cyber Week. Which runs through December 1. Fitbit is taking $30 off of the Alta, Alta HR, Ionic, and its wireless headphones, the Flyer. The rest of its fitness trackers all remain at their regular prices, but will likely see price drops again before the holidays.

The Fitbit Ionic is the company’s smartwatch that also doubles as a fitness tracker. This one is made for those that are more hardcore when it comes to fitness. It has a larger display, but it also has GPS built-in, which is going to allow you to track your runs without needing to take your phone with you. There is also storage on the Ionic, so you can store music on the smartwatch and connect your headphones – like the Fitbit Flyer – to the Ionic and listen to music, also without needing to bring your smartphone with you. The Flyer is a great pair of wireless headphones, however, they will not compete with something from Sony or Bose, and that is because Fitbit is not an audio company, rather they are a fitness tracker company. But it will get the job done. The Fitbit Ionic is available for $249, with the Adidas special edition model coming in at $279. Now the Fitbit Flyer is available for $99.95, but only in the gold/white color combination unfortunately.


When it comes to the Alta and Alta HR, they are mostly the same fitness tracker, with the only difference being hinted at in the name. And that is the heart rate monitor on the Alta HR. Both of these are pretty small fitness trackers, and are focused more on looking good, than offering a ton of features. But that is not to say that they don’t offer a ton of features, because they actually do. With the Alta, you can still track your steps, as well as calories burned and of course your workouts. So you can see how much you are pushing yourself and if you need to push yourself a bit further. These can also track your sleep, so you can see how good of a nights’ rest you are getting each night. The best part about that is that you don’t need to charge the Alta or Alta HR every night. These can last for around five days on a single charge. The Alta is down to $79.95 (only $20 off of its regular price) and the Alta HR is down to $119.95, both of which would make for some great gifts this holiday season.

Fitbit has a number of fitness trackers available, and these are some of their more popular models. These prices on the Alta, Alta HR, Ionic and Flyer headphones will not be available for long – only through December 1. So you are going to want to pick one or more up before the prices go back up. You can shop Fitbit’s Cyber Week sale through the link down below.

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