Classic Casino Games to Play When You're Travelling

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Travelling, especially for extremely long distances can always turn out to be quite boring – one can only do so much on the road. As such, more and more people are always out to find something worthwhile to fill their time, and one of these things happens to be playing mobile casino games. While some may choose to play with real money just to add another layer of excitement on top of the fun, many others are looking to make some extra spending money through the casino games. Either way, the new trend is just about as good as, or even better than, any other pass-time activity that you may think of.

Lots of people truly enjoy playing casino games when they are traveling and this is all possible because of the thousands of games that are available on the internet. While the large number of games that are available is certainly welcomed, it can be pretty daunting especially if you are still new to online casino games. Here are a few of the classic casino games that will make your travels fun and exciting:

Video Slots

As it stands, video slots are among the most played casino games even though they are one of the oldest forms of casino games in existence. Their popularity mostly stems from the fact that they always feature some unique graphics, animations, sound effects, and themes, all of which make the gaming experience extremely enjoyable.


For travelers, everything gets even better thanks to the vast number of travel-themed slots that team them up with characters from different parts of the world. All of them feature festive designs, brightly-colored graphics and delightful sound effects that will certainly add some color to player’s long and boring trips. Great examples of these travel-themed slots include Dancing in Rio, Book of Aztec, Highway to Hell, Venetia, Vegas Road Trip and the Voyages of Sinbad among others.

For a group of travelers, multi-player slots are probably the best type of video slots games. Whether it is the community slots or tournament slots that you prefer to play, multi-player slot machines offer a great way of killing boredom while you and your friends or family are traveling.

Alternatively, you and your group of friends or family can try to go at the big bucks by playing the progressive jackpot slots which may turn your travels into a money-making trip.

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This classic game of chance can be found in nearly all land-based and online casinos. Online, or mobile roulette, which is naturally the best option for travelers, comes in three main variants; European Roulette, American Roulette, and French Roulette. There are several other unique variations of the game based on the ones that have just been mentioned, but one thing that they have in common is the fact that they are certainly bound to make your travels more fun than you could have ever imagined. Some notable picks for new players are mini roulette, 3D roulette, premium roulette pro, European gold roulette, and video roulette.


Just like the casino version of the game, online blackjack is played against the dealer with 1 to 8 decks. The classic casino game comes in so many variations and therefore players will never worry about getting bored once they begin playing. Some of the best ones to keep you entertained while you are on the go include Hi-Lo 13, Pontoon, Blackjack Pro, Multi-hand Blackjack, and Blackjack Surrender.

Unlike most other online games of chance, blackjack allows players to devise winning strategies or use the ones that have already been laid out by experts. If you play your cards right you will be richer by the time you get to your destination.


Video Poker

Poker is a simple, super immersive, and addictive casino game. For this reason, the game resonates with the needs of travelers who are looking to breathe some life into a boring journey. Video poker comes in a number of different variants with each having outstanding features like wild symbols. Current technology has made it possible for casino software developers to develop progressive jackpot games and many other bonus features.

That said, it can be very challenging to find a great video poker site on the internet since there are lots of them. However, sites like will always come in handy in helping you to find the best online poker sites in the industry. The ones listed are not only licensed by reputable organizations but are also the most trustworthy


Since it was established in the mid-90s, online bingo has evolved to become a rewarding and very popular casino game. Initially considered to be a game for older people, online bingo is now played by very many travelers not just to pass time but also because it is a game that is simply worth all the attention it gets.


Sic Bo

This casino game is of Asian origin and is played with three dice – the gameplay is similar to craps but it still remains to be a unique and authentic casino game variant. Travelers can enjoy playing the classic casino game either online or offline. Either way, the game is a great way of ensuring that your trip is as fun and full of joy as possible.


Now that we have listed all the best casino games that you can indulge yourself in as you travel, it is up to you to pick one that tickles your fancy. This should be pretty easy if you have been a casino game enthusiast for a while. If you are new to casino gaming you could try as many as possible until you find the best one for you – after all, you have all the time in the world during your long boring trip or journey.