Top 10 Best Android Apps — Prank — November 2018

AH Top 10 prank apps

Google Play Store is full of various prank apps that you can show to your friends, in other words, try to prank them. All of those apps are made for fun, but be careful as to how you use them. In the list down below, we’ve selected 10 of our favorite prank applications from the Google Play Store, and there are all sorts of apps available here, from the fake lie detector test, to the ghost-in-picture one. Some of these apps are perfect for pranking everyone, while other are better for non-tech-savvy people, as chances are much greater that they’ll believe you, more than someone who understands technology a bit. In any case, before you get started, do keep in mind that these apps are not listed in a specific order.

Broken Screen Prank


The Broken Screen Prank is one of the oldest prank apps for Android. This application basically simulates a broken screen on your phone, as shown in the image above. This prank may work on some people, though most of your friends will notice it’s fake if they look hard enough, even though the effect is rather realistic. This may be an ideal prank for your parents or grandparents, though, as most of them don’t pay that much attention to detail.

Whoopee cushion fart


A good fart prank is almost always acceptable, and the Whoopee cushion fart application has a number of different fart sounds that you can choose from, while it also comes with a rather interesting-looking UI. This application also comes with non-fart sounds as well, so it’s basically a soundboard of sorts. You can choose from different types of sound by swiping left and right on the display, and if you’d like to utilize any of them, simply tap the display.



JokesPhone is a prank call app, basically. Once you download this application, you’ll need to log in using your Facebook account, and by recommending this application via your account, you’ll get an unlimited number of free prank calls. You can prank your friends as long as you are linked to them via the application, and those calls will come at no cost to you, as they’re free, on a system level.


Lie Detector Test Prank


Lie Detector Test Prank application has been around for quite some time now as well, and this is also one of those apps that are perfect to prank someone who is not tech-savvy. This application will simulate a lie detector test on your display, and by putting finger on the simulated fingerprint scanner, the app will start “scanning”. You can press volume up and / or volume down buttons in order to get the app to report “truth” or “lie”, whichever fits you most at the time, so that you can make the most out of this prank.

Virtual Vape Smoking Prank


Virtual Vape Smoking Prank application is kind of self-explanatory, this app will simulate a vaping machine on your phone’s display. Using this app, you can “pour” colorful liquid down to your phone, and watch the clouds of smoke. This is one of those apps that are kind of interesting, by won’t fool anyone, pretty much, as you won’t be able to get the smoke to go out of your mouth using this app, so it’s kind of see-through… but if you manage to fool someone with it, that’s great.


Ghost in Photo Prank

Ghost in Photo Prank application is also kind of self-explanatory. You can try to trick your friends or family by inserting a ghost in any picture you want. Once you find the perfect picture for the job, simply launch this app, load the picture, and choose what kind of a ghost you want to insert in it. There are a ton of options inside the app that you can use, you can tweak that ghost image any way you want, so that it fits the picture perfectly, and thus look more realistic… and the more realistic it looks, the greater are the chances someone will actually believe it.

Spider on screen prank

Spider on screen prank essentially brings a huge virtual spider on your display, or more of them, it depends. All in all, that’s the only thing that this application does, but it does a great job at delivering, though. Those spiders look very lifelike, which is why this app has a 4.6-star rating in the Play Store. This application is completely free to use, though do keep in mind that ads are a part of the experience. It’s also worth noting that the app weighs only 2MB, and that it has been installed over 100,000 times at this point.

Transparent Screen Prank

Transparent Screen Prank application can simulate a see-through display by utilizing your phone’s rear-facing camera. This app can basically provide you with a see-through wallpaper that is on your display, which makes it great for pranking some people, though the vast majority of them will quickly see through your scheme, and notice that the rear-facing camera is to blame for this. This application also comes with ads, though it’s quite light at 6.7MB, and it has been downloaded over 500,000 times thus far.

Beer Prank

Beer Prank applications are also quite old, these apps started popping up a long time ago when the Android store first launched. In any case, this app is one of the best out there, when it comes to simulating beer on your smartphone’s display. That’s basically all that this app does, it simulates beer that moves around as if you’re holding a beer mug, as you move your phone. You can also “drink” beer from your phone by leaning the phone towards your mouth, as you would a regular glass. This app is free to use, and it does come with ads.

Prank Chat & Prank SMS

Prank Chat & Prank SMS is great for messing with your friends, as it allows you to create fake chats. You can choose which app do you want this application to simulate, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype… or something else entirely. Then you’ll be asked to choose a name, phone number, picture, and messages for the fake sender, so that you can fool your friends. This app can simulate conversations that are very lifelike, which is why it’s great for pranking someone, just be careful while using it.