Video: LG V40 ThinQ Camera Review – 5x the Upgrade

lg v40 thinq camera review ah ns

Last year, LG launched the content creators phone to quite a bit of praise, and its manual video abilities were enough to convince us to use it full-time for the YouTube channel here. That’s not to say there wasn’t room for improvement, which LG has certainly done on this year’s V40, and LG continues to have the absolute best manual camera options among any OEM, and that all starts with video. We’ve had 4K recording for some time on phones, but LG is now extending the V40’s capabilities to 4K 60FPS or 4K HDR10 in manual video mode.

While comparing the actual quality of these modes versus the auto mode on other phones is one thing, there’s a stark advantage the V40 has for content creators, in particular, over every other phone on the market: manual controls. Both 60FPS and HDR10 are available in manual video mode, which opens up the ability to not just manually adjust focus or white balance, but also ISO and shutter speed on a whim. These two settings, in particular, are paramount for using the camera in a serious setting.

Taking a look at the hardware that makes up this experience, you’ll find the main and telephoto cameras utilize the same Sony 12-megapixel sensors, both sporting 1.4μm pixels, as well as the same Qualcomm Image Signal Processor. This main sensor is behind an f/1.5 78-degree angle glass lens, which is 7 degrees wider than the V30’s main camera. The telephoto camera utilizes a 45-degree field of view, that’s 2x optical zoom, with an f/2.4 rating. The wide-angle sensor is the same Sony IMX351 as the LG G7, which was actually the main camera sensor from last year’s LG V30. This 16-megapixel sensor sports 1.0μm pixels and a wide-angle f/1.9 lens with 107-degree FoV, which is 13 degrees narrower than the ultra wide-angle lens on the V30, and has a separate Image signal processor from the other two cameras. 5 cameras on a single phone is no small feat, so how did it turn out? Check out the review below to see it in action, and find out how well the camera did, and don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube!