Tribit Launches Its Smallest Truly Wireless Earbuds Yet In The X1

Tribit has just launched a new pair of truly wireless earbuds, in the Tribit X1. These are the company's smallest pair of truly wireless earbuds to date, but they don't skimp on battery life. Tribit is touting that these still sport around three hours of continuous playback on a single charge. That is lower than a lot of the other truly wireless earbuds out there, but many fall between three and five hours. So while it's on the low-end of the spectrum, it's not that bad as it could be, given how small these earbuds truly are. Usually, the smaller these get, the smaller the battery is, which usually results in worse battery life. But Tribit was able to keep the battery life somewhat respectable. Now where the earbuds have about three hours of continuous playback, the carrying case can give you an additional 15 hours (or charge these about five times, fully), which is also nice to have here.

These truly wireless earbuds from Tribit sport dual 6mm dynamic speakers that will also deliver some incredible sound quality, as well as excellent bass for big beats from each earbud. So you could use one at a time if you wanted too. Tribit is using Bluetooth 5.0 here for connecting to your smartphone, and it also has lossless HD rendering technology, which gives you some incredible sound quality and that includes some deep bass and crystal crisp treble. The sound quality that you are going to get out of this pair of truly wireless earbuds, is going to be pretty insane, especially considering how small these are. As sound quality is usually one of the first corners to be cut when trying to make a pair of earbuds smaller and lowering the price.

Tribit has made these sweat-proof, allowing you to use these at the gym. These are rated at IPX5, so you can use these while you are training and sweating as much as you can, without worrying about damaging the device. This is a pretty common feature for a pair of earbuds and headphones, and that is because a lot of people use these for working out, which is when you sweat the most, so it's a pretty important feature to have here. The Tribit X1 also have in-ear detection. So that they will turn on when you put them in your ear and turn off when you take them out. This is another feature that is pretty common with truly wireless earbuds these days, and that is because many don't have actual buttons included, so there's no way to really turn them on or off, other than taking them out of your ears.

The Tribit X1 are available right now from Amazon, they are priced at $49.99, though at the time of writing they are discounted a bit further at $42.98. That makes these a really good option for those that are looking for a good pair of truly wireless earbuds, without spending a ton of cash. You can purchase them using the link down below.

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