Top 10 Best Android Games – MMA – October 2018

Top 10 MMA 1

Mixed martial arts is one of the largest sport fighting categories going these days, and it’s not hard to see why. Seeing practitioners of all sorts of martial arts from around the world mixing it up can be a pretty thrilling prospect, and make for some truly unique match-ups. In game form, this translates to an unparalleled variety of fighters, styles, and moves available to the player. This is doubly so in the Android gaming space, where the Play Store brings us all the fruits of countless developers’ labors. From those, here are ten of the best MMA and UFC games currently available on Android.

EA Sports UFC


EA Sports naturally has its own take on the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and it’s a very good one. Play as a wide variety of real UFC fighters, and even fight in real events to earn bonus points. Sometimes, these events even happen live in the app at the same time they happen in the real world. The game features beautiful and detailed graphics, tight, intuitive controls, and all the other hallmarks of the sport that fans have come to know and love.

MMA Fighting Revolution: Mixed Martial Art Manager


This game is a less in-depth spin on what EA’s game does. Step into the octagon, level up your fighter, and fight you way to the top in fairly realistic 3D battles. This game has simpler graphics and can run on less powerful devices than is the case with EA’s game, and it also sports a simpler game flow and a smaller time commitment.

Boxing vs MMA Fighter


This game blends boxing and MMA, letting the two worlds collide much like in the recent Mayweather vs. McGregor fight. No matter which side you’re on, take a stand in the ring and fight for supremacy in detailed and realistic 3D battles.

MMA Manager


As the game’s name implies, this one focuses more on the management aspect of the MMA world and takes a few steps back from the actual fights. Your goal is not to manage a single fighter, but to build up a gym with a full roster, control what they learn and how they train, and ultimately help them rise through the ranks and conquer their opponents.

MMA Fighting Clash


This title falls between the two previous ones on the list, focusing your efforts on a single fighter. You can customize that fighter with over 100 different cosmetic items, control what they learn and how they use their techniques, then step into the ring and dominate opponents in your rise to glory.

MMA Fighting Manager: Mixed Martial Art Superstars


This game backs off on the hyper-realistic and detailed fighting seen in most other MMA games, and instead lets you pick a fighter to level up, then take them through a series of simple battles that feel more like fghting game fare on their way to the top of the MMA world.

World MMA Fighting Champions: Kick Boxing PRO 2018


Resembling a Sega Dreamcast-era fighting game, this one sees you choosing a character and beating the stuffing out of other fighters in a 3D arena. The controls are simple and the fights are completely bombastic and over the top. Light effects and other goodies make this one a visual treat, if you’re into that semi-retro style.

Weekend Warriors MMA

Keeping up the simple graphics trend, this game has over 300 fighters to choose from, each with their own stats, falling across 5 promotion tiers and weight classes. Each fighter in this vast cast of characters can be customized and trained, and the game also boasts a pretty deep confidence system where discouraging setbacks will cost you, but triumph will make you stronger.

UFB 2: Ultra Fighting Bros – Ultimate Championship

Taking the simplicity angle to its logical endpoint, this 2D game sees you holding down a button to jump, with the hopes of landing on your enemy and scoring a hit. The game features a cast of rowdy characters and big, over the top action.


This virtual trading card game comes directly from Topps, and it’s just as authentic and well-balanced as any of the company’s physical card games. Collect and trade thousands of real UFC fighters’ cards as you build the ultimate collection.