Top 10 Best Android Games — Basketball — October 2018

AH Top 10 basketball games October 2018

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, so it’s not exactly surprising that there are a ton of basketball-themed games available in the Google Play Store. That being said, we did our best to bring down that list to only 10, to make it easier for you to reach the best ones out there. Truth be said, we’ve stumbled upon a number of other games that may be worth a second look, but we had to limit the list somehow, so you can check out our favorite basketball games down below. Do keep in mind, however, that those games are listed on random, no specific order has set up.

Ketchapp Basketball


Ketchapp Basketball is an extremely simple basketball game. All you have to do in this game is swipe the ball towards the hoop and hope for the best. You do, of course, need to be as precise as possible, a swipe in the wrong direction will surely make you miss the target. The goal here is, to score as many times in a row as you can in order to set a new high score. There are four modes available in the game, however, and you can compete with your friends as well.

Basketball Stars


Basketball Stars is a multiplayer-focused basketball game. This is a one-on-one basketball game in which you’ll compete with people around the world. The goal, of course, is to dribble your opponent and score afterwards. You can level up your player, as you progress, while there are over 400 customization items available in the game. This game comes with 3D graphics, and is one of the best one-on-one basketball games out there.


NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is quite possibly the most popular basketball game from this list. This is an NBA-focused game which was developed by EA, and it has been downloaded over 50 million times. The game comes with 3D graphics, and your goal is to create the ultimate roster of players and lead them to titles, of course. This is not a manager game, though, you will play games here, and the controls are actually quite good in this game.


Stickman Basketball 2017


Stickman Basketball 2017 is yet another game from the Stickman series, and it’s just as fun as some other games we’ve played. This is a fast-paced game, and even though it’s not the most realistic out there, it’s quite fun. You can choose between 115 different basketball teams, while the ‘Team Editor’ is available in the game as well. This game comes with full controller support for up to four players, and there are a ton of unlockable content here for you to aim for.

Basketball Shoot


Basketball Shoot is a really simple, and yet quite addictive game, which probably sounds like a familiar concept to some of you. All you need to do here is drag the dotted line to change the power and the angle of your shoot, and release it to make your shot. Controls are quite easy to learn, and you can choose 11 backgrounds in the game. The developer did promise that more options are coming to the game, though, so keep that in mind.


Basketball Battle

Basketball Battle is yet another arcade-style game on this list, but it’s a lot of fun. Moving and shooting in this game is really simple, and you’ll need on-screen buttons in order to do that. You can dunk over people in this game, while there are various other plays that you can perform. You can customize the look of your players, and this game also supports a split-screen mode, so you can play it against a friend locally.

Real Basketball

Real Basketball offers both single and multiplayer modes, while there are a lot of additional fun game modes (6 overall) that you can play through. There are quite a few different characters, basketball, uniforms, and courts that you can choose from, while you can unlock achievements here as well. This game comes with 3D graphics, and a really nice graphics at that, while the app is currently holding a 4.5-star rating in the Play Store.

Head Basketball

Head Basketball is a truly unrealistic game, but an extremely fun one. There are 28 different characters that you can choose from, each of which has its unique set of abilities. Five game modes are at your disposal, including the survival mode, and you can play online as well. You will be able to hit your opponents, light the court on fire, destroy baskets, and much more… this game focuses on unrealistic gameplay and fun, and if you’re into games like that, Head Basketball is for you.

Rival Stars Basketball

Rival Stars Basketball is one of the more popular basketball games out there, and in this game, you will be drafting, collecting and evolving 3D player cards. Management and strategy are the main focus of this game, and the game is free to play, though some items can be purchased via in-app purchases. The game is currently holding a 4.6-star rating in the Google Play Store, and it has been downloaded millions of times thus far.

BIG WIN Basketball

BIG WIN Basketball comes with a number of modes that you can choose from, including Friends, Events, Trophy, and Quick Match modes. Team and player customization are a part of the game, while this game offers nice-looking graphics as well. This game has a somewhat different style than most other basketball games, but it’s quite fun and it may keep you hooked for quite some time.