Welcome to the New Android Headlines, Tomorrow's Technology, Today’s News!

The New Android Headlines Site

Welcome to the New Android Headlines!

My Name is Chris Yackulic the Founder and CEO of Android Headlines, Close to 9 years ago we started off as small blog and passion for Android and have grown the site into an international success with help of great writers, editors, business partners who all believed in what we were doing and the biggest supporters the readers who have made this their home for years and years. To all of you thank you it would have never been possible without you and our success is also your success. Today we embark on the next chapter of Androidheadlines and are happy to share it with you our completely and newly redesigned Android Headlines!

Over the past year, we have been hard at work rebuilding our site from scratch from the first line of code to the very last. Taking our readers feedback, staff meetings, developers, industry experts and more to ensure we deliver the best user experience possible in our next version and we certainly hope you enjoy it. Everything has changed and evolved and today is day one of the new AnroidHeadlines!

Our new redesign is based around the expansion of our content, as Android and Technology has branched out so has our site and we have put together the best possible user experience with a great flow for every reader.  We cover Android more than ever but we also talk about emerging technologies and give our readers a glimpse into tomorrow’s technology in today’s news.


We wanted to bring a better user experience to Android Headlines and just not overload you with news, so as you look around you will see a fresh new vibrant layout that brings you well placed Android News and Tech News, Reviews, Deals, Special Features while maintaining simplicity and ease of navigation. Our site is built with state of the art new coding technologies that was year in the planning and coding that turned into a project that everyone is very proud of, hats off to the team at web design team at Reaction.ca for helping bringing our vision to life and making sure the future of Android Headlines is like the technology we talk about every day the latest and greatest and allow us to expand what we do here much easier in the future and scale to new heights and accolades with ease. We may have a few bugs or adjustment period to our new systems but please bear with us while we tweak it to get it running just perfect for you!

The new site redesign is not all that has been going on behind the scenes! Our Editors and Writers have been working very hard on new state of the art editorial content system that changes how we deliver the news to you by putting in new editorial structures, researching, sources, original content, writing styles and systems so you get the highest quality of journalism and reader experience from content that we can deliver. Our staff has taken their writing and journalism to a new level and are now more focused than ever on specializing on certain areas of technology rather than trying to know everything so that when you read a piece of content is written from an expert just not another writer. You will now get a whole new experience when you read our content, One that will be written by our team of experts in each field so you are getting the most detailed information possible, we want to be your only source for everything Android and Tech news. While many sites will focus on every little piece they can, we will focus on the news that matters and effects you in your Android and Tech News World!

The new site with the combination of new content system and styles will bring you a much better experience than ever before! The technology we talk about is cutting edge and latest and greatest and so is Android Headlines site and content, we hope you enjoy the new experience and all the hard work that went into it. We will always continue to improve our product and continue to get better, evolve and never take the most important part of why we do this “the readers” for granted! Without you, none of this would ever exist!


Android Headlines strives to be the best every day for each and every one of our readers and hopes you will enjoy and be entertained and by our new experience, redesign, and hard work. We are just like the technology we talk about each day, only getting better and better with each passing day, so enjoy the new experience and thank you to our loyal readers who made these past 9 years a pleasure to serve you!

Kind Regards

Chris Yackulic


CEO / Android Headlines

P.S. We are still fine-tuning a few things and Organizing as we move into our new home, if you have any issues drop us a line! Mi Casa Su Casa!