Statify App Lets You See Your Most Listened Spotify Tracks


In Short: If you're not using Spotify, this app will be completely useless to you, if you do, however, you might get a lot of use out of it. Statify is a brand new application that reached the Google Play Store, and this app will basically let you see to which artists and tracks you've listened the most using Spotify on a given time span. You can even get Statify to generate a new Spotify playlist with those favorites, if you want. Using Statify, you can also see details about specific artists, and also details about a specific track, including its popularity, tempo, danceability, and much more. The design of this app is extremely simple, and you probably won't have any issues navigating it, a bottom bar consists out of Favorite Artists, Home, and Favorite Tracks tabs, while all the other info is displayed in the body of the app. Statify currently has 30 reviews, and is holding a 4.8-star rating in the Play Store.

Background: This application has been submitted by a developer called Daniël Boonstra, and this is his first application, so we really don't know much about him. That being said, Spotify is one of the most widespread music streaming services, and a company called Spotify Technology is behind it, a Swedish company. Spotify was launched back in 2018, and it has a ton of users these days, while its application has been downloaded way over 100 million times. Spotify is, next to Google Play Music and iTunes, the most popular music streaming service out there.

Impact: Statify can boost your Spotify experience, that's for sure, especially if you want to check out what you've listened the most thus far. Those of you who use Spotify on a daily basis probably listen to a ton of tracks, and Statify can share some interesting info with you, so if you'd like to check out this app, a download link is included down below.


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