Sonos Has Refurbished PLAY:1 Wireless Speakers For $119 – October 2018 [Updated]


Update: The black Sonos PLAY:1 is currently out of stock, but the white version is still available.

Sonos has restocked its warehouse with refurbished models of the PLAY:1 wireless speaker, so you can pick one up for just $119 right now. Technically this is not on sale, but since Sonos doesn't always have refurbished models of its speakers available, these won't be around for long. This is because Sonos owners absolutely love their speakers and never really get rid of them – that's because they never become outdated. So if you were looking to pick up a Sonos PLAY:1 to add to your collection, now is definitely the time.

The Sonos PLAY:1 is the company's smallest wireless speaker, it's a very compact and actually heavy speaker. It's heavy because it does have a lot going on inside, but there's no battery. This means that it is not a portable wireless speaker, and needs to be plugged in at all times. Sonos doesn't go in-depth about the tech specs for the PLAY:1, but we do know that there are two Class-D amplifiers inside, along with a tweeter, and a mid-woofer. This is what provides the great sound across the entire spectrum. Sonos does also allow customers to adjust the bass and treble of the speaker to their liking. So those that prefer a bit more bass in their music, they can have that with the Sonos PLAY:1, and other Sonos speakers. It also has touch controls on the top of the speaker, for play/pause, and volume. Making it easier to adjust the volume of your audio.


With Sonos, you are not getting a Bluetooth speaker here, this is a wireless speaker that streams over WiFi instead. The reason for using WiFi over Bluetooth is mostly for better audio quality. As WiFi has more bandwidth than Bluetooth does so that it can send out better audio which uses more bandwidth. But for Sonos, it also means multi-room audio. Allowing you to play music on multiple speakers in your home, and they will all be in sync. This is actually a really popular feature, and if you have a Sonos Beam, PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE for your TV, you can pick up two PLAY:1's and get surround sound audio in your living room without needing to run cables everywhere, as everything is done over Bluetooth, which in itself is pretty incredible.

Sonos is selling this on its website. You can pick them up now and get free two-day shipping on this, and everything that Sonos sells on its website. Sonos does also offer up 45-day returns. So if you find out that you don't like this product, you can return it, no questions asked and get your money back. Which is a very generous return policy, most places limit your return to around 15 days at the most, so giving you a month and a half is really generous. Sonos does collect taxes, but like most retailers, the exact amount of taxes that it collects is going to depend on which State you reside in. You can pick it up from the link below.

Buy the Refurbished Sonos PLAY:1