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OtterBox is currently offering 10-percent off of everything on its website. However you do need to use a promo code at checkout to get that 10-percent off. Make sure you use the promo code OTTER10 at checkout to get 10-percent off your entire order. There are some exclusions that apply, but very few with this promo code. And definitely worth taking advantage of.

Over on OtterBox’s website, you’ll find cases for almost every smartphone that has been announced. This includes the Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy Note9, LG G7 ThinQ, V40 ThinQ, Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL and so much more. OtterBox is known for its’ pretty thick and bulky cases, not really because they look great, but because they do a great job at protecting your smartphone. With an OtterBox on your smartphone, you are able to drop your phone and not worry about it breaking or the screen shattering, which is really important today with many smartphones hitting that $1,000 mark. The last thing you’d want to happen is for your smartphone to fall and be destroyed. That’s where OtterBox comes in. There are a ton of different cases available, like the Defender Series, which is the company’s bulkiest case, and does a good job at protecting the entire device – it even has a built-in screen protector. OtterBox also has the Symmetry series which is a slightly smaller case, still pretty thick though, and it does look pretty nice. It’s available in a slew of colors, and it’s a dual-layer case that is going to keep your phone from breaking when it drops as well. This is because it does still have a lip around the display, and it has reinforced sides and corners as well.

OtterBox doesn’t just do cases for phones though. It just recently partnered with Google and Disney to make a limited edition case for the Google Home Mini which makes it look like Mickey Mouse, making for a really cute and cool product to pick up. Essentially, the Google Home Mini would be Mickey’s face here, so the dark gray model is going to be the best option to use with this one. The Mickey Mouse case is $19.95 and doesn’t include the Google Home Mini, which is fine, as Google has been essentially giving away the Google Home Mini in the past year or two. This is also part of the 10-percent off site-wide deal going on right now. So if you just bought a brand new smartphone, like the Google Pixel 3, LG V40 ThinQ or the Samsung Galaxy Note9, then you are going to want to stock up on some cases, and this 10-percent off site-wide is a good way to do just that. It also makes a great way to pick up some cases for the holidays to give to your kids or others that are rather clumsy with their smartphones. You can shop OtterBox’s website using the link below, and make sure to use the code OTTER10 at checkout to get your 10-percent off.

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