Samsung "Hopper" Chromebook Appears In New FCC Listing


In short: Samsung appears to have an LTE-enabled Chromebook in the works and nearing release, according to recently published FCC documents. The internal model number is listed as XE525QBB, which seems to specifically point to a new Chromebook Plus or Chromebook Pro. While there aren't too many details available for now, the "netbook PC" is shown to have been tested for LTE bands 13, 5, 4, and 2. That's in addition to another recent appearance by this model number at the Wi-Fi Alliance where it was shown to be running Chrome OS 69 and tested on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections. That's driven, alongside Bluetooth, via an Intel-built 2 x 2 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n combo module. Label documentation, meanwhile, shows a laptop-style device that's very similar to some other Samsung-branded Chrome OS hardware, with the product designation shown to be "Hopper." That name likely derives from the fact that this Chromebook can 'hop' between LTE and Wi-Fi.

Background: Samsung has previously released a variety of Chrome OS devices but there are two in particular that stand out as likely predecessors to Hopper. Those are the company's Samsung Chromebook Pro and Samsung Chromebook Plus – which bear the model designations XE510C24 and XE513C24, respectively. Not only do the model numbers of those devices line up. Both were launched way back in early 2017 and neither has had a substantial update in the meantime. Although the pair is hardly outdated at this point, only small improvements have been made and those have been launched as "V2" variations on the original design. The changes have centered around small changes, such as the addition of a second camera on the Chromebook Plus and a newer version with a backlit keyboard with regard to the Chromebook Pro. On the other hand, another recently reported leak stemming from a Chrome code review has implicated that a new Samsung Chromebook Plus with LTE capabilities might be on the way.

Impact: Bearing that in mind, this listing is relatively new and doesn't necessarily provide a full picture of what this Samsung Chromebook will be when it's finally announced before coming to market. This may be a brand new device meant to replace one of the Korean tech giant's top-end Chrome OS convertibles entirely. It could also be representative of a slight change to one of those that will really only add LTE, solidifying the company's iterative approach to the lineup so far.


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