Samsung's Galaxy Tab S4 Brings Dolby Atmos & The S Pen, Starting At $649

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 AH

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4 is likely one of the best tablets on the market right now, and its price certainly depicts that. The Galaxy Tab S4 starts at $649 for the 64GB model and it’s $749 for the 256GB version. But it’s definitely worth that price. The Galaxy S4 brings in the S Pen like the Galaxy Tab S3 did last year. And with the S Pen, you can do so much with this tablet. This includes being able to do some drawing while you’re on the go, and taking some notes on your tablet, without pulling out the keyboard. Taking handwritten notes are still pretty useful, and something that not everyone gets the chance to do nowadays in the digital age.

The main reason that the Galaxy Tab S4 is the best tablet currently available, is that display. It’s a 10.5-inch, Super AMOLED display with HDR support. Samsung makes the best Super AMOLED displays, and actually the best displays period, on mobile devices. So it’s no wonder that the Galaxy Tab S4 has such a good display. That makes this tablet a great one for media consumption. Especially with the quad-speakers included here. Samsung has two speakers on either side of the tablet, which provide a really rich sound experience. These speakers are tuned by its subsidiary, AKG. They are also Dolby Atmos certified, much like the speakers on the Galaxy Note 9. This allows you to really experience all of the sounds coming out of this tablet. The Galaxy Tab S4 isn’t just for consuming media though. Samsung brought DeX over to the Galaxy Tab S4. This is the company’s mode that allows the user to dock the tablet, and use it as a desktop. This mode is also available on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note9. However, the difference with the Tab S4 is that you are able to use it on the tablet itself, without needing an external monitor, dock, mouse and keyboard. You can use the keyboard dock that Samsung sells separately, or just the S Pen. When you need to quickly edit your PowerPoint presentation before a meeting, you can just bring out your Galaxy Tab S4 and edit it on the go.

Samsung made the ultimate premium tablet here in the Galaxy Tab S4, and Samsung knows it. That’s why it has a pretty premium price. The Galaxy Tab S4 is priced at $649, and again that is for the 64GB model. The 256GB model will be $100 more at $749. The keyboard cover that Samsung also sells, will set you back about $150. And if you are buying this tablet because you want the productivity features it provides, then you are going to want this keyboard cover. Samsung does also sell a 4G LTE connected version of the Galaxy Tab S4, which will cost you an extra $80, coming in at $729 for the 64GB version. Unfortunately, the 256GB version is not available with 4G LTE support. The 4G LTE model works on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. Unfortunately, there is no T-Mobile support for the 4G LTE version. If you are interested in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, you can hit the link below to purchase it from Samsung’s website.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 (Samsung.com)