Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Now Available In Midnight Black

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Midnight Black AH

In short: A few weeks ago, Samsung had announced that it was bringing the Midnight Black color of the Galaxy Note 9 to the US. Now it is finally here and available for purchase. The 128GB model of the Midnight Black Galaxy Note 9 is available for purchase from Samsung.com, allowing you to pick up the device for the same $999. However, the Verizon Galaxy Note 9 is currently $100 off on Samsung's website, which makes it a pretty good deal. The 512GB Midnight Black Galaxy Note 9 will not be available until October 26, so there's still a few more days for that model to be available in the US.

The Midnight Black color of the Galaxy Note 9 is a really good looking color for this device, and it's a good option for those that just want a muted color. Instead of a more flashy color like the Ocean Blue and Lavender Purple that Samsung also has available here. It does also come with a black S Pen, so there's not a different color here as far as the S Pen is concerned, like there is with the Ocean Blue and Cloud Silver colors. Now, the only color that is not available in the US is the Metallic Copper, which many people were pretty excited about when Samsung showed it off during Unpacked back in August.

Background: Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 9 back at Unpacked in early August. It was met with plenty of fanfare, as you'd expect. Samsung put a 6.4-inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display (the best display on a smartphone, that was until the Pixel 3 XL came along) on-board, with the Snapdragon 845 chipset, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Samsung also opted for a much larger capacity battery, rated at 4000mAh. The Galaxy Note 9 has a lot going for it, and now those that were staying away from it due to the color options, can now get a Midnight Black Galaxy Note 9 and enjoy the murdered out look.


Impact: The Midnight Black option here is going to cost the same as the other colors for the Galaxy Note 9. So that's $999 for the 128GB model, and the 512GB model will be $1249 when it launches in two weeks. By purchasing the Galaxy Note 9 from Samsung's website, you will be able to pick up one that is specific to your carrier. You can also do a payment plan through your carrier on Samsung's website. So if you don't want to pay the full $999 today, you can split it up over 24 monthly payments, which is definitely a much better thing for many people. It'll still be around $41 per month though, which is a big jump for your monthly bill.

Samsung is no longer offering some of the promotions that it had for pre-orders of the Galaxy Note 9, but there are still some great deals available. You can trade-in your current phone and now get up to double the amount back – which is up to $600 depending on the device. You can also choose to get the Gear 360 or the Gear VR with your purchase. The Gear 360 is a bigger value, but the Gear VR will likely be more useful for most people. You can get your Galaxy Note 9 in Midnight Black by hitting the link below.

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