RHA Launches True Wireless Earbuds With 25-hour Battery Life


In short: RHA has now announced the launch of its TrueConnect earbuds. Not only are these true wireless earbuds, but they are the first true wireless earbuds to come from the company marking a major step in the move to a totally-wireless lifestyle for customers who prefer the RHA design and sound. In terms of the price, the RHA TrueConnect earbuds are arriving to market priced at £149.95 in the UK and $169.95 in the US. The TrueConnect earbuds are available to pre-order starting today, along with the expectation of becoming generally available starting from October 18.

Background: RHA already offers a varied selection of personal audio solutions although up until now has refrained from putting out a true wireless pair of earbuds. In spite of seemingly arriving late to the market, the TrueConnect wireless earbuds on paper seem to be packing a punch. As one of the most common issues with true wireless earbuds is the battery life and RHA is claiming up to 25 hours of battery life is available with its solution. In reality, the actual earbuds do only offer five hours of standalone usage, although the carry case accompanying the earbuds doubles as a portable charger and is listed as capable of charging the earbuds four times – resulting in a further 20 hours of battery life. In addition, these are designed to be durable earbuds thanks to the inclusion of an IPX5 certification which can be largely understood as offering protection against direct water encounters, but not suitable for full submersion in water. In other words, they are more than adequately protected against sweat and rain. Another point to note, is that on top of supporting virtual assistants on connected devices, these earbuds make use of Bluetooth 5 for establishing a connection in the first place.

Impact: While the RHA TrueConnect are arriving later than a number of competing options, there is always room in the market for a solid option which provides a decent level of battery life. As a result these will suit those who not only want an increased level of freedom from wires, but also the freedom to know the battery is not going to pack up too early. While the price is a little on the steep side considering true wireless earbuds have finally started to come down in price in general, as with most things the price is relative to the product and RHA is positioning these earbuds as a premium, well-built, and solid-sounding solution with massive battery life.


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