Prime Advantages Of Android Operating System

Android 9 Pie Statute Mountain View Campus August 6 2018

Android is not just an operating system anymore. It has become a way of life due to its extreme popularity and availability across a wide variety of platforms. Whatever devices you might be using, whether it is a smartphone, a tablet or a smartwatch, you will find an Android operating system loaded in it. The reason behind its acceptability is mainly the seamless operational experience that the end users get after using the system. Moreover, the Android operating system is extremely user-friendly and highly customizable which acts as a catalyst for its extreme popularity across the globe. Today we will discuss the prime advantage of the Android operating system and will look into the reasons behind its phenomenal success.

  • Open Ecosystem: Android operating system give you a lot of choices when it comes to installing your favorite apps. Android comes inbuilt with Google Play Store which is the official store for downloading apps from the house of Google. But apart from this you also have the option to download your favorite apps from any third party app store as well. You can simply download a particular app from the developer site and flash it into your device in order to use it seamlessly. Although there are certain risks of installing apps from third party website, it warns you in advance before installing and you need to enable the allow option in your device. But the point is it gives you a lot of choices when it comes to installing your favorite apps.


  • Diverse Phone Options: Unlike Apple, where the IOS operating system is only limited to iPhone users, Android is available as an operating system in different phones from a wide variety of manufacturers. This means you can choose your favorite mobile based on your manufacturer brand preference and you get Android installed in it. This gives you a lot of freedom while purchasing the mobile phone of your choice and a big smile on your face. Moreover, each handset manufacturer can customize the UI of its phone with a style of its own. For example, Motorola has Motoblur, Sony Ericsson has Timescape and MI has pre installed MIUI to enhance its user experience.


  • Open Source Operating System: This is one of the greatest advantages of the Android operating system. As the source code is open for all, developers and device manufacturers can easily access the source code and make necessary changes as per their hardware compatibility if required. This makes the operating system highly customizable and research oriented. Even Google can take suggestions and feedback from developers, testers and device manufacturers and use these inputs for the betterment of the Android operating system.


  • Customized or Modified Rom: If you are bored of using your stock Android and want to have some new and exciting features you can easily install any custom ROM and enhance your user experience. There are several third-party applications that help you in using the advanced features of Android by using a custom ROM. This is an extremely useful feature because it lets you modify the stock android all over and you can get a completely new experience on your same old device by installing a custom ROM. Thus, the Android operating system allows you to do many system level tweaks and enhancements which would never have been possible on any other operating systems like IOS or Windows.



  • User-Friendly Play Store: Both Google play store and Apple store has a collection of more than 1 million applications that can be downloaded and used by users as per their requirements. But Google play store is much easier to operate and user-friendly as compared to Apple’s App Store. This is because Apple is quite strict while downloading apps and has much more restrictions. For example, you need to have Apple iTunes in order to download and play a movie on your Apple device. On the other hand, the Android play store is much more user-friendly with an open interface that allows you to play movies on any device with a simple web browser.


  • Easy & Affordable App Development: App development is extremely easy and affordable when it comes to Android. You can easily develop your own app and list it on the play store without the need to pay any substantial development fees. The application environment is not chargeable and you have the option to develop as many apps you want and get it listed on the Android play store. Apps are still slightly divisive when it comes to entertainment website such as gaming sites, many of the big names in this industry such as Money Reels have chosen to adopt a browser only focused strategy and not develop IOS or Android apps. There is no limit or restriction on the number of applications you develop and release on the Android market. This means you can save a good amount of money and continue developing your own apps on the Android platform.
  • Widgets: Widgets, or self-contained programs, are extremely useful when it comes to functionality. Widgets help to provide better user experience and easy navigational functions. Moreover, it adds flexibility to your Android device making it user-friendly and easy to operate. When you have a widget right on your home screen it allows you to access and use various settings and functions with a single touch which becomes extremely useful when you have less time and need your device to work faster.



  • Expandable Storage Option: Whenever you want to increase the storage capacity of any Apple device such as iPhone or iPad, you need to go for a costly upgrade and it has a lot of hassle. But in the case of Android devices, you simply insert a micro SD memory card into your device card slot and expand the memory as per your requirement. This is really a very useful feature that you will get on most of the Android devices in the market.


Thus to conclude we can say that Android operating system is one of the best available operating systems in today’s world and you should definitely purchase any device that contains the Android operating system. In case if you have any doubts in your mind, just glance through the above points and I am sure you will be totally convinced.