Lineage 2: Revolution Update Brings New Race & Territory


Netmarble's high-graphics MMORPG Lineage 2: Revolution is getting an absolutely massive update that brings a new playable Orc race and a whole new region called Avento, along with a host of other goodies. The level cap has been increased to 320, giving top players something to shoot for and furthering the gap between newbies and the strongest PvPers. Part two of the Second Class Transfer quest has also been added in, and players can start it once they hit level 271, including Orc players. On top of that, the servers for North America and Europe have been merged, and cross-server matchmaking is now possible in Honorable Battlefield, Temporal Rift Dungeons, Temple Guardian, and Summoning Circle modes, making for faster game starts and closer matches in those modes. There will also be more leveling events with tons of different rewards, aimed at players from level 180 to 260. These events are meant to help new Orc players get off the ground, since Orc characters will start with high levels, and help mid-level players make their way into the vast land of endgame content. Finally, the Tower of Insolence has been expanded to 145 floors.

Background: Players expecting the Orc race to be the typical ugly, brutish fare seen in most games will find a bit of a shock. The orcs on offer here are buff, handsome, and refined race. Their stats aren't wildly different across areas, but they do favor physical attacks and have high physical defense. This makes them great knights, berserkers, and other physical classes, but they're still perfectly viable as spellcasters, so long as they have some physical component. These hybrid-caster Orcs, much like other classes of the same race, will be great front line players in raids, and will do well in PvP against physical attackers. They'll start out in the Immortal Plateau, at level 180 and with 500,000 combat power and a set of SR gear. The new race will even have some exclusive gear, quests, and fields. As for the new region, there are three sub-regions within it; Dragon Valley, Promised Land, and Ancient Dragon Mountain Range. You'll find new main and sub quests here, along with 12 new monsters and 21 new monster cores.

Impact: It's obvious at this point that the venerable mobile game is beefing up on mid-level and endgame content. It did a great job pulling players in at launch, and now the focus is on keeping players by giving them new things to do, and the game is doing that in spades. The rewards for being a loyal player and sticking around are becoming great indeed, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a scenario where somebody over level 100 will have nothing to do but simply grind. On top of that, this is a very pretty game with tons of new locations to see, and new gear and abilities to unlock at just about every level. Devoted players who want to see everything that the game world has to offer now have a lot more work to do in order to achieve that.


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