Keep Your Kids Safe Online With An Android Tracker

The Internet is a scary place for kids to be these days, and understandably, parents are worried about what kids might get into, and who they might be talking too. Just a few years ago, parents were able to keep their kids from using the internet until they were a certain age, but now with the internet being everywhere, it’s something parents cannot ignore. Luckily, these days there are all sorts of ways to keep track of what kids are up to. Now while some parents may want to track their kids because they are nosey, there are Android trackers available to keep track of kids, and give their parents peace of mind. Because the last thing you’ll want to happen is to get a call from the cops about your kid when you thought they were in their bed asleep.

Bullying was also a major issue before the internet, but now with the internet and more specifically, social media, bullying has become a much bigger deal. As this is happening not just in school, but outside of school as well, and kids almost care more about what is being said about them online than in school. Bullying isn’t something that should be ignored either, as it can lead to all kinds of issues for kids, including suicide. In fact, according to the CDC about 14-percent of teenagers that have been bullied, have thought about committing suicide (and about seven percent actually attempted it). The CDC also reports that teenagers that have been bullied are between two and nine times more likely to commit suicide than those that are not bullied. Of course, tracking your kids online activity isn’t going to keep your kids from getting bullied, but it can help stop the bullying in its tracks, because kids don’t typically tell their kids that they are being bullied.

Many researchers say that we are now in a world where parents must surveil their kids, whether they want to or not. It’s more of an opt-out instead of an opt-in thing for keeping an eye on your kids. And tracking your kids is only going to become a more popular thing to do, instead of less popular. In the next few years, you can expect that every kid is being tracked by their parents, and this is because children are spending more and more of their lives on the internet. Whether it's communicating with friends, or watching movies and TV Shows, or even playing games.

Kids obviously aren’t going to like their parents tracking everything they do on the internet and on their phone, but it’s all for their own good. Kids believe that they have a right to privacy, and while that’s true, in this world, everyone has to give up some of their privacy to remain safe - even parents. The world has always been a scary place for kids, but with the invention of the internet, and people able to do things anonymously, it has gotten even scarier. And it’s not just kids getting bullied, there are other forms of harassment and kids also getting kidnapped and such. And now that some of these trackers go much more in-depth in tracking what kids are doing on their smartphones, you can really see what they are up to. From checking out where they are at any point, to also reading through their messages on different social media apps, and even seeing what they are being sent (and sending) on apps like Snapchat where the messages self-destruct after 24 hours. While these Android trackers are another expensive, it is definitely more than worth it to keep your kids safe in this world.

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