Invisible Intros AI-Based Service To Help You Be More Productive

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In Short: A company called ‘Invisible’ has just announced a service that is aiming to help people get more work done. The company has announced that it managed to acquire $2.6 million in seed funding in order to make this project a reality, as it collected money from Backed Ventures, Loup Ventures, Horizons Alpha and Day One Ventures, amongst others. The company’s new service basically comes in a form of an artificially intelligent bot that users can e-mail, call, or text to have their work outsourced to real people, while each task is managed by said bot, from start to finish. That bot will also send the final project back to the user, as soon as it is finished, and users will be able to name their bot as well. The whole idea behind this is that users don’t need to hire, train, manage or interact with human workers who complete the work (are known as Agents). Invisible sees its service as a way to save some time for people, to help them with repetitive tasks that are better suited for outsourcing.

The company has announced that its service, which is also called ‘Invisible’, will start at $10 per hour, and in that hours, it will be able to complete basically any process that it is tasked with. Examples of some processes that Invisible will be able to take care of: bringing an inbox to zero, populating and managing a hiring or fundraising funnel, booking travel arrangements, compiling a monthly expense report, scraping LinkedIn and other websites, and so on. That is not all, though, Invisible will be able to do some more demanding tasks as well, such as tracking trademark usage, checking GDPR compliance, and managing monthly bookkeeping, though those services are capped at $40 per hour. So, all in all, Invisible is a service which allows you to outsource your work to real humans, which the company calls ‘Agents’.

Background: The company actually claims that using its service, you can save up to 41-percent of your time. In any case, this service is already available to use, in case you’re interested, all you have to do is head over to the company’s official website and try it out for yourself. As far as this company is concerned, not much is known about it, which is not all that surprising as it has not been around for long. The company is located in the US, though, and its business plan had to be quite compelling to collect as much money as it did from so many investors.


Impact: We’ve seen quite a few AI-based projects in the last year or so, and chances are that many more will surface in the near future, as there are more and more companies which take advantage of AI, and research new possibilities. Well, Invisible is one of those companies, and following Google’s Duplex demo that the company shared earlier this year, it will be interesting to see what other companies can do in the Artificial Intelligence field, and how will that benefit users.