Google "Rammus" Tablet With Intel m3 Possibly In The Works

Google Pixel Slate Oct 30 18 AH

Google might be working on another Pixel Slate variant that has yet to be officially unveiled, as suggested by a recent entry in online benchmarking took Geekbench detailing some of the hardware specifications of a device named the Google Rammus, as first spotted by one Roland Quandt. The unit is powered by an Amber Lake Intel Core m3-8100Y processor similar to the $799 Pixel Slate priced, but the new device spotted in Geekbench seems to carry 4GB of RAM instead of 8GB. Furthermore, although the known Google Pixel Slate models have been found in Geekbench earlier this month carrying a motherboard code-named “nocturne,” the one used by the Google Rammus is referred to as “shyvana.”

Since Google already unveiled the Pixel Slate series which includes four different models, all powered by Intel processors, it’s unclear whether the Rammus is a new device, or perhaps an earlier prototype model that’s been scrapped. Worth noting is that unlike the previous Nocturne devices which were viewed by Geekbench as running Android 9, the Rammus is listed as running Android 7.1.1 instead. Of course, the Pixel Slate runs Chrome OS, not Android 9, and this discrepancy is attributed to the shortcomings of the benchmark’s database, but nevertheless, it’s a bit odd that the Rammus has been identified as running an older version of Android OS compared to the Nocturne models. This could indicate that it’s an earlier development unit of the Core m3 Pixel Slate housing less RAM, or it could be a brand new model which has yet to be officially confirmed. If it’s the latter, the device would likely be priced at a lower point, between the existing Intel Core m3-8100Y variant and the one housing an Intel Celeron processor, which will become available for $599. That is, assuming that the overall design, size, and most other characteristics would remain unchanged for the Rammus.

All the upcoming Google Pixel Slate models announced on October 9 feature a 12.3-inch display and share the same design. As of this writing, there’s no exact launch date set in stone so only time will tell if more details about the Rammus will emerge before they officially release. The tablets are expected to go on sale before the end of the year, and for now, prospective buyers can join a waitlist via the Google Store. The high-end model costs $1,599 but customers can also acquire a Pixel Slate on a two-year agreement through Google Store Financing.