Google Intros $30 Pixel USB-C Earbuds, Now Available To Buy


In short: Google has a new pair of earphones coming to market, the Pixel USB-C earbuds. As the name suggests, these are earphones designed to work with the Pixel line of phones including the all-new Pixel 3 and 3 XL. Although they are expected to be compatible with any smartphone which adopts a USB Type-C port. The USB-C earbuds are now available to buy from the Google Store and cost just $30 in the US.

Background: Google launched the Pixel Buds in 2017 as a new product line and one designed to take on other tech companies who also now offer personal audio solutions. The original Pixel Buds were unique in their design and adopted a semi-wireless approach to connectivity by relying on Bluetooth. It had been expected Google would announce a new pair of Pixel Buds at its hardware event today, but that now seems to not be the case with the company instead opting to release a standard pair of earphones – that were also not technically announced at the event. Compared to the Pixel Buds, the new USB-C earbuds are of a much lesser quality, and do actually have to be physically connected to your smartphone. However, their design is in line with Google's hardware in general, and do draw on some Pixel Buds traits such as the use of loops for a better on-ear fit. Compared to some of the other Google hardware options though, color choice is limited as the USB-C earbuds are only available in one color – white. These earbuds also feature a single button which among other things lets the wearer access Google Assistant, as well as get real-time translations – again, like the Pixel Buds.

Impact: These new USB-C earbuds are far from being a follow up to the Pixel Buds, although they will offer consumers the option to gain some Pixel Buds features, such as real-time translations, at a fraction of the cost of the original wireless earbuds. Making them an ideal option for anyone looking for a cheap and fairly decent pair of earphones in general. Unlike most of the products announced today, the new USB-C Earbuds are available to buy right now from the Google Store.

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