Google Adds To The Wild Pixel 3 Rumors With "Mini Pixel" Teaser

Google Mini Pixel Tease 01

In short: In a strange turn of events Google has taken to a number of its social media channels including Instagram and Twitter to apparently address the rumors that a “mini Pixel” smartphone is in the works. This is in spite of there not really being any rumors that an ultra-small Pixel 3 smartphone is coming.

Background: When it comes to smartphone leaks, the upcoming Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL have had their fair share, and to the point where there is very little left to know about these smartphones. Therefore, this latest teaser seems more designed to add humor to the proceedings than actually tease something that might have been completely missed during the non-stop Pixel rumor cycle that has taken place over the past few months. In some respects, it’s actually contrary to the rumor mill due to some wild speculation Google might announce a ‘Pixel Ultra’ model which by comparison would be a larger phone than the standard Pixel 3, but different to the XL due to the absence of a notch. Which itself has flown in the face of the firmest rumors (if there is such a thing) that have consistently only pointed to the release of two Pixel 3 smartphones, the standard one and an XL version. No large non-notch one and certainly no mini model.

Impact: Needless to say, there is no general belief Google is going to announce a mini version of the Pixel 3, let alone one which could actually be attached to a keychain as suggested in this latest tease. Of course, that does not necessarily mean the company won’t unveil a smaller model, as it always remain a possibility prior to the scheduled October 9 event taking place. If there is a chance, then how small will be real the question, and this also seems to be the point Google is mostly focusing on in this image by showcasing a variety of differently-sized phones ranging from over 6-inches down to about 2-inches. Aside from drawing assumptions based on this latest teaser alone, it would be wise to just expect two models of the Pixel 3 to be announced, just like last year, and the year before that.