Frogmind Releases PvP Tower Fighter Game 'Badland Brawl'


In Short: Frogmind, maker of the lauded Badland series, has released an in-universe PvP strategy game called Badland Brawl, wherein your goal is to bring your opponent's tower down before they can do the same to you. This is accomplished by slinging different types of units at them, Angry Birds-style. There's also a single-player campaign that moves you across a map, taking down enemies at specified points on your way to tougher battles. The game is available for free in the Play Store. It seemed to be soft-launching not long ago, but should now be available for all.

Background: Many of the different units you can get can stack damage and work together with other unit types, or even defend against enemy units and attacks. Some units can be launched directly at enemy towers, and others can be launched onto the bridge joining the two towers, and will then make their way over. Units range from creatures in the Badland universe to more mundane fare, such as arrows and bombs, and each type of unit can be upgraded using gold and other resources. For example, a hammer-wielding unit called Big Smith can bat bombs at enemy towers with considerable force, giving them far greater damage potential than they would have had simply rolling over the bridge and exploding at the foot of the enemy tower. Fire birds, meanwhile, can be used to attack enemy units en route to your tower. Winning battles nets you eggs, which hold new units, gold, and other goodies.

Impact: Badland won multiple awards when it came out back in 2013, and its recent sequel is being widely lauded. This game is unlikely to be any different, despite it taking a completely different genre and approach compared to its contemporaries in Frogmind's stable. This is Frogmind's first real-time PvP strategy game, and if it does well, it could open the door to more exploration and experimentation on the part of Frogmind, who is largely known for Badland at this point. Its only non-Badland game right now is a high-impact fantasy soccer game called Rumble Stars Soccer, available on iOS and Android.


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