Deal: Mindkoo Truly Wireless EarbudsFor $27.99 w/ Code At Amazon

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Mindkoo is discounting its truly wireless earbuds right now, exclusively for AndroidHeadlines readers. You’ll find this pair of truly wireless headphones for just $27.99. That is good for $12 off of its regular price, or about 30-percent off. That’s a pretty steep discount on these headphones, especially since they were already pretty inexpensive – compared to other truly wireless headphones on the market.

These truly wireless headphones from Mindkoo do use Bluetooth for pairing with your smartphone, tablet, or something else that uses Bluetooth. Mindkoo touts that it is very easy to pair these headphones, all you need to do is remove the earbuds from the charging case and put them in your ears. Once you remove them from the charging case, it will automatically turn on and connect to your smartphone. If you haven’t paired them in the past, it will be in pairing mode, so you can head to the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone and pair them. To turn them off, simply put them back in the charging case. This is pretty standard functionality for any pair of truly wireless headphones, and it makes it pretty easy to use, as you don’t need to worry about them being turned off before you put them away when you’re done listening. According to Mindkoo, the range on these headphones is about 33-feet. That’s pretty standard for Bluetooth. These are also rated at IPX6, for sweat and water-resistance, allowing you to use these in the gym and not worry about them getting damaged from all the sweat that is involved in working out.

When it comes to audio quality, that is usually something that suffers in a pair of headphones that are as inexpensive as these. But Mindkoo is using double-layer graphene drivers here. This allows for some pretty good bass with crystal clear mids and highs. Graphene drivers are being used more and more in these truly wireless headphones, simply because they are smaller, but still offer some really great sounding audio. So that companies are able to offer better battery life. Speaking of which, battery life on these are rated at about three to four hours on a single charge. With the included charging case, you’ll be able to recharge these about 20 times. Mindkoo touts it as 60 hours, but that is not continuous listening, only when charging every three to four hours, so keep that in mind here. Finally, Mindkoo also offers an 18-month warranty replacement on these headphones, along with customer service that is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. So should you need any help or have any issues with these headphones, Mindkoo is there to help.


These truly wireless earbuds from Mindkoo are going to be $27.99 for a limited time – now through October 31. You can pick them up using the link down below. However, make sure to use the promo code BE05181018 at checkout to make sure you get the 30-percent off of these earbuds. These are likely the best truly wireless earbuds you’ll find for under $30, and likely one of the few that you’ll find in that price range.

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Promo code: BE05181018