Deal: Save 30% Off The HUTbIT Smart Body Fat Scale w/ Code

HUTbIT Smart Scale Deal New AH

Vodool is selling its HUTbIT Smart Body Fat Scale for about 30-percent off right now, bringing the price down to just $23.79 when you use the promo code IYVJMQX5 at checkout. That’s a really good price for a smart scale that is also able to measure your body fat. Considering most other smart scales with these features will cost you around $50 or more, and that’s when they are on sale. So if you’re looking for a smart scale, this is the one to pick up.

The HUTbIT Smart Body Fat Scale, as you can tell by the name, is a smart scale that can also track your body fat. It will use the app to sync your data from your scale, and it can also be synced with Apple Health and Fitbit. So if you already use either of those platforms, you are able to sync your weight data to them as well, and keep track of all of your health metrics in one place. The app is available on both Android and iOS, so no matter which smartphone platform you use, you will be covered. Which is also pretty important here. The HUTbIT Smart Body Fat Scale works in up to 14 languages, so if you are in a home that specs different languages, this could be a good scale to use. It will also recognize an unlimited number of users, which is also pretty important, as it means your entire family or household can use the scale to keep track of their weight and their weight loss goals as well. This scale will support those up to 400 pounds. Like most scales, if you are over 400 lbs, you’ll need to get another scale that can support your weight. There’s also an LCD display that will automatically power on when you step on so that you can see how much you weigh. It will also let you know when it is done syncing with the app on your smartphone. Now, this can track your body fat, but it’s not going to be 100-percent accurate, unless you actually measure every part of your body, and that goes for every scale out there. You will need to step on the scale without any socks on. As the scale will send some electroids through your body (relax, these won’t hurt you) to find out how much of your body is fat.

Vodool is offering the HUTbIT Smart Body Fat Scale for just $23.79 as mentioned, when you use the promo code IYVJMQX5 at checkout. That is good for around 30-percent off of the regular price of this smart scale, and definitely worth taking advantage of. Especially since it does also sync with all of the major health tracking apps out there like Apple Health, Fitbit and Google Health. You can pick up the HUTbIT Smart Body Fat Scale using the link down below, and it is also available with Amazon Prime shipping, so you can get it sent to your home pretty quickly. That’s definitely important if you are in need of a new scale.

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