CryptantCrab Blockchain Game Coming Soon, Pre-Sale Bonuses Announced


In short: CryptantCrab is a new mobile game from the makers behind Crab War, although it differs in the fact that it utilizes blockchain technology as part of the design and gameplay. The new game is expected to become available soon and prior to that launch the developers have now announced a new pre-sale which will begin later this month and reward early registrants with access to a number of perks, including the opportunity to snag limited edition legendary CryptantCrabs.

Background: Crab War focused on the user employing the help of crabs to fight giant invading reptiles, and along the way upgrading their crabs. A similar approach is on offer with CryptantCrab although the action has moved more towards a one-vs-one crab style of gameplay and therefore the status, stats, and unique features of a player's crab is of the utmost importance. Thankfully, these are aspects that can be upgraded as the player levels up by defeating other other player's crabs and through mutations. As CryptantCrab is based on the Ethereum blockchain, crabs can be upgraded — or mutated — by obtaining Cryptant in the in-game marketplace or through battles. In addition to allowing users to mutate their crabs, the marketplace is also where users can trade their collection if and when wanted, and is also where the bounty campaign comes in as those who take part will be eligible to receive a free CryptantCrab which is estimated to be worth 0.5 ETH* at the time of announcement. There will also be other benefits afforded to those early players, such as improved odds to secure a legendary CryptantCrab, and even the chance to obtain a unique legendary CryptantCrab that's only available during the pre-sale event – due to begin on October 25.

*CryptantCrab value is based on pre-sale release and subject to market forces


Impact: Blockchain games are an interesting gaming proposition at the moment as they offer a way to tie in-game elements to the user. In this case, the crabs which once obtained can be viewed as actually belonging to the player, and therefore a digital pet in their own right within the confines of the game. While CryptantCrab is not the first game to adopt a blockchain-based angle, it can be considered part of the first wave of blockchain games to come to market, as well as one of the first to emerge from Southeast Asia. Therefore those looking to ensure they are part of the action before the full release of CryptantCrab (scheduled for later in 2018), the pre-sale is an opportunity to get a headstart and possibly lockdown a CryptantCrab that could in theory become more valuable as time goes on. Both in the lead up to the game's release, and afterwards. One of the major selling points of the game that will likely appeal to gamers is the somewhat endless possible combinations for CryptantCrab to explore, and some examples of the complete sets of these CryptantCrab are as shown below. For more details on the game, as well as the option to register now ahead of the launch of the pre-sale, head over to the CryptantCrab launch website.

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