Candy Crush Friends Saga Will Drop On October 11


In Short: The original Candy Crush Saga, one of the first match-three casual games to expand wildly upon the Tetris-derived formula set forth in Bejeweled, is getting a direct sequel in the form of Candy Crush Friends Saga. The new game is an expansion of sorts on the first Candy Crush Saga, and as the name implies, will boast a deeper connection to the vibrant characters that helped make the first game such a success. The new game will feature a smattering of new modes and features, with the key mode among those seeing players teaming up with and assisting Candy Crush Saga characters in a number of endeavors, all of which revolve around gameplay features both new and old to the franchise.

Background: Candy Crush Friends Saga will be the very first game in King's history to tie directly into another as a continuation of its world, story, and concepts. While there have been numerous other related titles, such as Candy Crush Soda Saga and Candy Crush Jelly Saga, all thus far have added in new story and characterization elements, rather than fully embracing and expanding upon the ones present in the first game. Details were sparse, but King is reportedly including a number of new gameplay features and modes that will add "strategy and depth" to the new game. It is quite feasible that such a move was a direct response to scattered criticisms over Candy Crush's more simple, casual nature in comparison even to many other mobile games.

Impact: Since there's no word on exactly how this game will add to the core formula or what new modes and features will be on board, the only impact that can be explored for now is the story aspect. Each Saga entry from King has included a different set of worlds and characters, but they mostly acted as window dressing or ways to pass on gameplay tips or shallow story beats until now. Should this game do well, it's quite possible that King will begin to release a range of expansions and entirely new games that feature deeper storylines and worlds populated by more fleshed-out characters.



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