Top 10 Best Android Games — Halloween — October 2018

Top Ten Halloween Games NEW AH

Everybody has their own way of celebrating Halloween, whether that’s carving pumpkins, getting the home good and creepy for trick-or-treaters, dressing up the kids to haunt the neighborhood, or throwing a crazy costume party. Others may enjoy simply decking out their smartphone or smartwatch with a new theme and sounds, having some fun with holiday-related Google Assistant updates, or maybe just having some quiet time and avoiding all of the above. However the scariest time of the year happens to be celebrated, or not, there’s one thing that can be almost certainly be counted on this time of year – that there will be plenty of updates to the Google Play Store’s wealth of Android games. Some developers release entire games dedicated to All Hallows’ Eve while others simply add events or other add-ins in recognition of the holiday. Others are great for the general themes regardless of what time of year it happens to be. Below you’ll find ten top titles for Android that keep the Halloween spirit at the forefront across a variety of genres.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga


The #5 top grossing puzzle title on Google Play, Bubble Witch 3 Saga, is arguably already ready for Halloween with its witches and spells theming. However, it’s also undergone a brand new update for the holiday. As its name implies, this is a witchy spin on the classic aim and shoot bubble pop genre. Players take on the role of Stella the witch and to defeat an evil – but cute – magic wielding cat named Wilbur. The new features include Halloween events, stages, prizes, and more.

Dead Trigger 2 – Zombie Survival Shooter


DEAD TRIGGER 2 is an older title from developer MADFINGER Games and is definitely not for the younger users but its zombie-based action is well-suited for this list. Frequent updates have continued to improve on the current features and to add new ones, with the most recent of those adding some balancing and opening up new play types. Players take on hordes of zombies across tournaments and solo modes ranging across 33 environments with more than 600 scenarios complete with side-missions, boss battles, and RPG upgrading elements. Great graphics and consistent updates to content and features make this a must play title for zombie lovers.

Jurassic World Alive


Jurassic World Alive is a real-world AR title in a similar vein to Pokemon GO and probably not the first game users think of when it comes to Halloween – although some people do have a genuine fear of dinosaurs. Users wander their neighborhood or anywhere within the real world, collecting dinosaurs and DNA to create new dinos and hybrids in the in-game lab. There are, of course, battle elements as well to keep players on their toes and create an immersive multiplayer experience, in addition to sharing mechanics to help users progress more quickly. What earns this title a place here is the array of Halloween themed events and limited time in-game offers the developers at Ludia Inc. have introduced via a special update just for the holiday.

Angry Birds 2


Like the previous title, Angry Birds 2 isn’t the first game to come to mind when it comes to the spooky or strange. However, developer Rovio Entertainment Corporation has also gotten into the spirit of the holiday with a new update full of Halloween elements and other surprises. For those who may not already know, Angry Birds is an aim and release style game pitting various types of birds with different abilities against egg-thieving pigs, their overlords, and their poorly assembled infrastructure. Birds are flung to eradicate the threat across a wide variety of puzzle-based levels and environments with arenas, regularly updated challenges, leveling mechanics, and tons of hats for the characters to wear.

Hill Climb Racing 2


A limited time update has also arrived for one of the most popular side-scrolling ‘race’ titles on the Google Play Store. The game primarily centers around controlling center of gravity and speed, while upgrading vehicles to make it up the hills of various landscapes, traveling as far as possible before a loss of fuel, traction, or momentum bring it all to an end. There are also challenges and race modes with limited tracks, among other features. Halloween themed levels and other in-game changes have been made available for a limited time with the most recent update, giving players a new way to celebrate the holiday.

Darkness Rises


Meanwhile, Darkness Rises is an RPG pitting player characters against demons and monsters, so it didn’t really need much of an update to fit into any Halloween-based list. Boss fights, upgrading and leveling, and exploring dungeons are all part of the fun in this NEXON Company-developed title with players from a variety of classes pitted against an encroaching darkness. With that said, the developers have gotten into the Halloween action regardless. A new update this month added Halloween theming elements, costumes, and full-on events, in addition to new standard gear and a new storyline.

Hidden Objects Halloween Games – Haunted Holiday


For those players who are more into a relaxed puzzle play session, Hidden Objects Halloween Games – Haunted Holiday couldn’t be any better suited for the season. In fact, it’s built by Midva.Games expressly for that purpose, giving players a wealth of more than 2000 hidden objects to find across an array of well-designed levels. The addition of zooming features and hints to assist players who get stuck and its free-to-play nature have earned this hide-and-seek style game a rating of 4.4-stars and over 100,000 downloads. New levels have been added this year as well as bug fixes for animations, zooming, and overall sound quality.

Into The Dead 2: Zombie Survival

PikPok’s followup to the original hit auto-runner zombie shooter game Into The Dead is a worthy game to get players into the Halloween mood not just because of its frantic run-and-gun playstyle or superb graphics. The October 24 update squashed some bugs and added some new weaponry but also includes a Halloween-geared ‘Night of the Living Dead!’ prequel story. Setting that aside, Into The Dead 2 drops players into the shoes of a man trying to survive the apocalypse and save his family from hordes of the undead. To do that, he needs to get home first, with players navigating left or right to avoid zombies or shooting them down with a multitude of weapons. The intense gameplay enabled by the auto-running mechanic is amplified by limited supplies and ammunition making each close encounter a life-or-death situation in the free-to-play title.

Solitaire Halloween Game

Solitaire Halloween Game is a pyramids solitaire title that’s entirely themed with Halloween elements and sets players on a winding path of increasingly difficult stacks to complete. While that may not be as exciting to some as other titles found here, the cute Halloween stylings and laid-back nature of the game – although solitaire isn’t always as easy as it might seem – are well suited for our list for this particular holiday. Users who enjoy card games rather than blazing guns, blood, and action can play through solo or with friends via Facebook.

Need for Speed No Limits

Finally, Electronic Arts’s Need For Speed really requires no introduction but for those who may not know, this is a high-intensity 3D racing title that pits driver against driver in fully customizable and upgradeable vehicles on a quest to dominate the city’s race scene. The latest updates to Need For Speed No Limits ramps things up a bit with a mysterious new “spookified” track that players can take on in order to unlock an appropriately themed McLaren 720S. Furthermore, the city of Blackridge has gotten a makeover to suit the season and unique in-game content will be delivered to players via the in-game inbox in celebration of the holiday. Beyond that, the update adds new rewards for Underground Rivals mode and a new proving ground has been added in the meantime.