Top 10 Best Android Apps — Halloween — October 2018

AH Halloween top 10

Halloween is upon us, and some of you are probably looking or apps that will help you get in the mood. Well, no matter if you’re looking for that perfect wallpaper for your phone, great live wallpapers, tunes to scare your friends, or perhaps an app that will turn your regular pictures into scary one, we’ve got you covered. You will notice that we’ve listed 10 applications down below, and each of them is Halloween-themed, with the exception of Zedge, which is more of a general app, but we’ll explain why it’s included. That being said, these apps are not listed in a specific order, which is worth noting before you get started.

Halloween Soundboard


Halloween Soundboard is exactly what you think it is, it’s basically a collection of creepy sounds that you can use to scare your friends, family, or whoever you want to get scared. We also have a pro tip for you, hook up your phone to a stereo in your house for a more dramatic effect. This app is filled with various creepy sounds, from ambiance horror music, to various creepy laughs, blood spilling sounds, creepy cat sounds, chainsaw sounds, and so on, this app brings a lot of variety to the table.



As already mentioned, Zedge is not exactly a Halloween-themed application, but it contains a lot of Halloween-themed content. This app has a huge library of wallpapers, ringtones, and notification sounds, and that includes Halloween-themed ones as well. Live wallpapers are also available in this application, and no matter what you’re looking for, chances are you’ll find it here. All you have to do is install the app, open it, hit the search field and type in “Halloween”, you’ll get plenty of categorized content.


Halloween Photo Editor – Scary Makeup

Halloween Photo Editor is an app which allows you to create really, really creepy images. All you need to do is either take a picture of yourself you’d like to flip into a creepy pic, or find one in your gallery, either way. Once you do that, you will get a ton of options for editing that image, as you’ll be able to completely change the look of it. You can make yourself look like a ghost, include a ton of stickers on an image, add text, and so on… this app does have plenty of such content.


Halloween Wallpaper (first app)


Halloween Wallpaper app has one purpose, to help you find the perfect wallpaper for Halloween. If you’re unwilling to dig around Zedge, looking for Halloween-related wallpapers, well, this app may be perfect for you. All the wallpapers in this app are for Halloween, they’re all kind of spooky and Halloween-themed, while there are over 10,000 of them included here, as per the developer. This app does contain ads, though, in case you were wondering, but the content is free.

Halloween Live Wallpaper


Halloween Live Wallpaper, as its name says, is a live wallpaper app. This application has been around for quite some time, and it was quite popular last year, and it seems like the same is happening this year as well. This is a really nice Halloween wallpaper which includes pumpkins, and a creepy moon in the background, not to mention a flying witch. The app is completely free, though ads are present in settings, that won’t bother many of you though, as they won’t come in the way while the wallpaper is actually active in the background.


Haunted House HD

Haunted House HD is also a live wallpaper app, and it’s also an app that has been around for a while. This is a high-quality live wallpaper app, just like the previous one we’ve talked about, and this app comes from the creators of Forest HD, Ocean HD, My Beach, and so on. This live wallpaper is highly customizable, you can create a custom message for the mailbox, door, or doorway, while you can also create your own ghost using your photograph. Optional add-on packs are also available for this app.

Halloween Ringtone SMS Sounds

Halloween Ringtone SMS Sounds is yet another soundboard app that is worth checking out. This app contains plenty of spooky sounds that you can either set as your ringtones, or use to spook your friends or family. There are various different sounds included here, ranging from witches and zombies, to coffins, demons, spooky cats, and so on. The app is quite straightforward, and it does contain ads, but it won’t require you to pay up in order to use it or anything of the sort.

Halloween Music

Halloween Music is also an audio-related app, but it’s not a soundboard, like some of the other apps we’ve talked about. This app actually comes with 11 long songs that can be used for Halloween, as they have all the necessary ingredients. These songs are full of scary noises, including haunted houses, creepy clowns, and so on. You can use this music for your Halloween party, or perhaps while you’re setting up decorations in order to get in the mood for Halloween, it’s up to you.

Halloween Wallpaper (2nd app)

This is the second app on the list which is simply called “Halloween Wallpaper”, and much like the first app, this application brings a ton of wallpapers that are just right for Halloween. All the wallpapers that are included here are at least fullHD in resolution, and the app allows you to both download and use them. The developer claims that the app is regularly updated with new content, and the app does come with ads, but it will not require you to pay up to get extra content or something of the sort.

Scary Halloween Live Wallpaper

Scary Halloween Live Wallpaper app is another live wallpaper application which offers a truly creepy live wallpaper for your smartphone. It includes a dark house, bats, graveyard, creepy skies in the background, and more. You can edit the scene in the background, depending on what kind of a sunset you prefer, and you can even set the app to alter between more than one, from time to time. Interestingly enough, the app actually allows you to change a current scene by double tapping the display.