Top 10 Best Android Games — Running — October 2018

AH Subway Surfers top 10 running games 1

There are a lot of running games available for Android, so it’s not exactly surprising that we’ve come to an idea to compile a list of our top 10 running games. All of the games on this list can be categorized as running games, and even endless runners, even though some of them are split by levels at least, so… they’re not exactly endless runners. In any case, you will see some familiar titles here, including Temple Run, which is a game that basically popularized endless running games. Games down below are not listed in a specific order, so keep that in mind before you start browsing.

Subway Surfers


Subway Surfers is one of the most popular running games for Android, and one of the most popular games for Android in general, as it has over one billion downloads at the moment. This game puts you in snickers of a boy who is running away from a police officer, though you can change to a different character as you progress. The goal is to run as far as you can and collect points along the way, so concentration is the key here, basically. In-app purchases are available in this game, in case you were wondering.

Temple Run


As already mentioned in the intro, this is the game that started it all, and even though it’s an older title, it’s definitely worth mentioning (its sequel is also available, and just as good). Temple Run managed to get over 100 million downloads in the Play Store, and in it, you’re running away from evil demon monkeys, as the developer called them. You’re running away because you’ve stolen an idol from the temple, and the controls are similar as in Subway Surfers, you need to swipe left, right, up, and down in order to avoid obstacles and collect coins and powerups.


Minion Rush

Minion Rush is a considerably newer title compared to both Temple Run and Subway Surfers, and this game also managed to rake up quite a few downloads, over 100 million. Minions from the Despicable Me cartoon are the main protagonists of this game, and the gaming mechanic is quite simple as in other endless runners, you need to avoid obstacles and collect various items along the way in order to reach a high score. Minion Rush is currently holding a 4.5-star rating in the Play Store.


Sonic Dash


Sonic Dash is yet another 3D endless runner, though in this game you’re playing as Sonic, from a popular SEGA game. The principle is quite similar to the first three games on this list, and the graphics are really good. This game has been developed by SEGA as well, and it does come with in-app purchases. This game comes with boss battles, unlike most other endless runners, while you can unlock various characters as you progress in the game, well-known characters such as Tails, Shadow and Knuckles.

Angry Gran Run


Angry Gran is quite a popular game from Ace Viral, and Angry Gran Run uses the same characters, basically, but it offers you a completely different gameplay. Angry Gran Run, unlike the original, is an endless running game. Angry Gran Run offers a really nice 3D graphics to go along with its gameplay, and you’ll visit various different locations in this game. You will encounter various characters in the game, including aliens, dinosaurs, and so on, while various costumes are available as well.


Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is a game that comes from Nintendo, and this is not your classic endless runner, but it’s close. In this game, you will see your regular Super Mario world, but instead of moving Mario on your own, he will run all the time, and you will just need to reach at the right time in order to do some actions, though you can change directions here. You can play the game until a certain point when the company will ask you to pay in order to unlock more levels, which is a nuisance, but it’s a really solid game.

Lara Croft: Relic Run

Lara Croft: Relic Run is one of the newest games from this list, even though it has been around for a while. Just like in Subway Surfers and other similar games, you will play from a third-person view, and your goal is to avoid a number of obstacles and so on. This game does offer some fresh elements though, as you will need to shoot dinosaurs along the way in sequences which will appear in parts of the game. This game is free to play, but in-app purchases are available.

Sky Dancer Run

Sky Dancer Run is one of the best-looking running games for Android. This game comes with a really interesting graphics, and looks great because of it. Third person view is in action here as well, though the gameplay is different than in other games, as this game includes a lot of falling and aiming the right flying island to land onto. You will still be collecting coins, powerups, and whatnot, though, so the gaming mechanic is quite similar to other games, in all honesty. This game is currently holding a 4.5-star rating in the Play Store.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick’n’Run

If you’re a Cristiano Ronaldo fan, and you like running game, well, there’s a perfect game out there for you, and it’s called Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick’n’Run. In this game you will be constantly running, and a football / soccer ball will be your weapon, pretty much. You will be able to crush various objects along the way, but also collect coins and powerups. The game is free to play, but it includes in-app purchases.

Running Stick

Running Stick is not a 3D game like every other title on this list, this is a 2D game, basically. This is an endless runner game as well, though, and you will run from left to right backed by powerful music. You can tap and hold the screen to roll, and tap the screen to jump. You can tap the display twice quickly in order to perform a double jump. Your goal here is to run as far as you can so that you can crush your previous high score, while objects will keep falling from the sky in order to try and distract you.