Anker Discounts Battery Packs, Headphones, Portable Speakers & More Via Amazon – October 2018


Anker has just discounted a slew of different products today, via its Amazon store. This includes some deep discounts on battery packs, Bluetooth headphones, speakers, wireless charging pads and much more. These deals are mostly good until October 28, but there are a few that expire before then.

Starting off this week's deals from Anker, is the Anker Soundcore Infini Mini Soundbar. It's a 21-inch soundbar that can be used for a computer or a TV, or really anything else. This is typically priced at $79.99, but right now, you can find it for just $67.99, which is about 15-percent off of its regular price, and this ends on October 28. Anker is also selling a two-pack of the new Soundcore Flare Portable Bluetooth Speaker for $87.99, which is good for 20-percent off of its regular price, and this one ends on October 24. This is a 360-degree speaker that has LED lights on the bottom to give you a really cool looking light show. Rounding out the audio category of deals from Anker today is the Soundbuds Slim+. This is a pair of Bluetooth headphones that sport some really good sound fo a low price. These were already pretty cheap at $29.99, but now they are just $21.99 for about 27-percent off of their regular price. If you are one that is looking for a cheap pair of headphones for your new smartphone, this is definitely the pair to pick up.

Buy the SoundCore Infini Mini Soundbar Buy the SoundCore Flare (2-Pack) Buy the SoundBuds Slim+

There are two battery packs that are on sale this week. There's the Anker PowerCore II 10000, which is an ultra-compact battery pack that can charge your phone about two to three times – depending on the battery capacity of your smartphone. And it is priced at $30.40, for about 15-percent off. This one is good through October 24. Now the other battery pack is only on sale through October 21, but it's the Anker PowerCore 20100mAh, which is a higher-capacity battery pack that will still serve you well when you're on the go. It is priced at $42.49, which is 15-percent off of its regular price, and you will need the promo code POWERDL2 at checkout to get this price.

Buy the PowerCore II 10,000 Buy the PowerCore 20100mAh

Promo code: POWERDL2


Anker is also discounting its PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad, which is a Qi-wireless charging pad, that is priced at $10.99, good for 39-percent off of its regular price. However you will need to use the promo code GETWIRELESS to get this price. This wireless charging pad does up to 5W, which means that it is not fast wireless charging capable, but it will still work on every Qi-compatible smartphone out there. Anker also has a wired charger on sale today, the PowerPort Cube, which has three outlets and three USB ports. This is priced at $20.79, down about 20-percent, and you will need to use the code 20POFFCUBE at checkout to get this price.

Buy the Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad


Buy the Anker PowerPort Cube

Promo code 20POFFCUBE


Finally, Anker's Roav brand has a few deals going on this week as well for car accessories. There is the Roav VIVA, which is an Alexa-enabled car charger that sports two USB ports. This is priced at $33.99 and that is a whopping 43-percent off of its regular price. The promo code for this one is ROAVFF44. The SmartCharge is also on sale. This is a car charger that also doubles as a FM transmitter and a Bluetooth receiver for your car. Making it a great way to bring Bluetooth to your car without having to buy a new car, or plug yet something else into your vehicle. This is priced at $12.59 for about 26-percent off of its price, and this one will need the promo code ROAVFFF2 at checkout. Finally, Roav's Bluetooth receiver is on sale. Unlike the SmartCharge, this is just a Bluetooth receiver, no charger, or FM Transmitter included. This one is priced at $10.99, and that is good for 31-percent off of its regular price, and it will need the code B2EVERDL to be used at checkout to get this price.

Buy the Roav VIVA

Promo code: ROAVFF44

Buy the Roav SmartCharge

Promo Code: ROAVFF2

Buy the Roav Bluetooth Receiver

Promo Code: B2EVERDL

Typically, Anker will discount a number of items on Monday which will be on sale for at least a week if not a bit longer. And it's always a good way to pick up some smartphone accessories. Say you were waiting to pick up a car charger until it was on sale, well now you can get one that it is on sale and save a few bucks. Of course the Roav VIVA is a really good car charger to pick up, it's not your average car charger, but with Alexa included, it does allow you to do things like asking Alexa to turn off your lights, or open the garage door when you are getting ready to leave for work. The PowerPort Cube is also a good one to pick up for a desk at home, as it gives you a few outlets, plus three USB ports. Allowing you to plug in a number of items while only using one wall outlet. This is especially good for those that might be running low on wall outlets at home but still need a few things plugged in at a desk or maybe in your entertainment center. Everything here is on sale until October 28, except for the SoundCore Flare 2-pack, PowerCore II and Roav SmartCharge expire on October 24, and the PowerCore 20100mAh expires on October 21 with the Anker PowerPort Cube. Everything else is available at this price until next week!


This is also eligible for Amazon Prime's free shipping. Which includes free two-day shipping, and pretty cheap (usually $3.99) next-day shipping if you need it extra fast. However, if you are in one of the select areas that has Prime Now, this is also available and you can get it within a couple of hours, if you are in desperate need. If you are not an Amazon Prime member yet, you can sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime. You'll get 30 days free (if you're a student, you get 6 months), and then it's $119/year (or $59/year for students). Prime members do get a whole lot more than just free shipping though, so be sure to check out the full benefits. That includes Amazon Prime Video, Twitch Prime, and even some benefits at Whole Foods.

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