Amazon's Free Video Service Likely To Be Called "Freedive"

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In short: Amazon’s upcoming ad-supported video service seems increasingly likely to be branded as Freedive, based on a new European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) filing which shows Amazon has now filed an EU trademark for “Freedive.”

Background: Amazon has been expected to launch a new video service for some time although the speculation has grown recently due to the suggestion the video service is set to be announced within the coming days. As per the speculation, the service will be launched as an IMDb-related service and rumors have previously pointed to the possibility of a “Free Dive” name in use. However, if this latest trademark is anything to go by then it would seem likely the video service will be named “Freedive,” although it’s still possible it could be stylized as “Free Dive” at the user level. Besides the wording similarity between the trademark and previous reports, the trademark description does highly indicate this is the rumored video service with multiple references made to “video-on-demand transmission,” as well as multiple references emphasizing the advertising-based nature of the service’s purpose, which tallies well with the notion the video service will be ad-supported. One of the primary driving forces understood to be behind the launch of this new video service.

Impact: While further adding support to the likelihood of the name, the fact this trademark has been made with the EUIPO might point to the suggestion that unlike other video services that have launched recently in the US, Amazon’s IMDb service could launch in other countries as well, including in Europe. The trademark itself does not necessarily confirm this as it could just be a formality to ensure the name is protected from use by other entities and irrespective of whether Amazon offers the service elsewhere. What is clear from the reports that have come through so far is the use of an ad-supported model as a means for Amazon to offer the service free to all users of its Fire TV ecosystem. With the understanding users will not need to have a Prime membership to gain access to the service, unlike the company’s other on-demand video service, Prime Video.