18% Of Android Users Think Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Is Coming Next Week

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In short: 18-percent of Android users in the United States expect Samsung to announce the Galaxy Note 10 next week, according to a new survey from PCMag. The authors speculate the results of the poll that also saw 34-percent of respondents claim they expect the Galaxy S10 to be unveiled at company’s next product event suggest consumers are eager to see and buy the firm’s new Android flagships, though its findings may also illustrate how the average smartphone user in the country remains highly uninformed about up-and-coming devices.

Background: Samsung’s next product event taking place on Thursday, October 11, will most likely see the introduction of the company’s first Android handset with a quadruple-camera setup on the back, as indicated by a number of teasers from the tech giant itself. Only 13-percent of the survey’s respondents said they’re expecting that device to be announced next week, with more of them saying they’re expecting to see a new tablet or a smartwatch. The foldable handset that so many consumers appear to be craving will reportedly be a niche product priced at approximately $1,500 and is rumored to be announced at the next edition of Samsung’s annual Developer Conference scheduled to start in San Francisco on November 7.

Impact: U.S. consumers appear to remain relatively uninformed about smartphone release schedules, even those from major manufacturers such as Samsung, the second-largest handset vendor in the country. Due to that state of affairs, the eventual announcement of the firm’s first foldable smartphone is likely to come as a surprise to many, despite the fact that the existence of such a product has been the subject of countless reports in recent years and Samsung itself confirmed it’s been working on it for years. Despite some interest from stateside consumers, it’s unlikely the quadruple-camera phone that’s believed to be launching next week will ever be released in the U.S. as it should primarily be aimed at taking on aggressively priced products from Chinese rivals such as Xiaomi and OPPO who have been eating away Samsung’s market share in India, China, and many other Asian markets.