Top 10 Best Android Apps — Icon Packs — September 2018

AH Top 10 icon packs 1

Android is an extremely customizable operating system, and icon packs are only one way you can customize it. Third-party icon packs have been available for Android for a long, long time at this point, and there are a ton of them available in the Play Store. Having that in mind, tons of icons packs in the Play Store are actually quite good, and it all depends on what you prefer in terms of the design. Having said that, we’ve decided to list our top 10 icons packs for you to check out, just in case you haven’t seen any of these icons packs, and are interesting in trying them out. Keep in mind that these apps are not listed in any particular order.



Moonshine icon pack has been available in the Play Store for a long time now, and it is actually quite popular, as over one million people downloaded it at this point. Moonshine icon pack is free to download, and these are free-form icons we’re looking at here. All of these icons are flat, to a degree, and you can combine them with most setups out there. Moonshine offer over 925 icons, and if you opt to purchase the Moonshine Pro pack, you’ll get an additional 500 icons on the inside. There are also 28 custom wallpapers available inside of this app.



Willx is not as popular as Moonshine, but it does have over 50,000 downloads, and a great rating in the Play Store, not to mention that it offers really high-quality icons. This app comes with 230 wallpapers, while it supports over 30 launchers. The design of this icons is quite unique, as you can see, every icon basically has a background, and the main part of the icon protrudes a bit above that background, which creates a rather interesting look. Willx icon pack can be yours for $1.



Vlyaricon icons are usually priced at around $1.50, but they currently cost $1 in the Play Store. These are circular icons, but with a twist, this is not a perfect circle we’re looking at here, as it seems like we’re looking at a disappearing circle here… it’s not so easy to explain, but you can check out the style of this icon in the provided image above. This icon pack contains over 3,400 icons and over 40 HD wallpapers.




Oriels icon pack is free to download, and it contains rather interesting-looking icons. The design language used here takes a solid-colored back, and that back is circular, while the icon itself is white-colored in most cases, and it barely touches its background, as you can see in the provided image. This icon pack comes with over 1,100 icons, while an icon request tool is included here, as it is on most other icons packs listed here.



Polycon is yet another free icon pack that you can download from the Play Store, and it includes over 800 icons. This icon pack has been discontinued recently, but its icons are really nicely-designed, and can be combined nicely with the Moonshine icon pack, and some other icon packs out there. These are flat icons, and we’re looking at free-form icons here. In addition to over 800 icons, this icon pack also comes with 20 HD wallpapers.



This icon pack is somewhat similar to Moonshine and Polycon icon packs, and it can be combined with those, if needed. This icon pack is free to download, and it comes with 1,070 icons on the inside, while different color variants are available for some icons. On top of that, you’ll also get 20 custom wallpapers with this icon pack, and an icon request tool as well. This icon pack comes with Muzei support as well, in case you were wondering.


Lines icon pack brings extremely simple icons your way, and it costs about $2. These icons are see-through, and only their borders are visible, and they’re white-colored. In case you want icons that will not get in the way at all, then this is the way to go, not to mention that they’re also quite small. There are over 3,700 icons included here, and over 200 wallpapers as well, while the developer is still adding icons on a regular basis.


H2O icon pack brings uniform icons, and this icon pack is completely free to use. These icons are not exactly square, they’re curved all over the place, but each and every single one of these icons is the same size, and they’re also quite flat as well. You will find over 4,060 icons in this icon pack, and these icons are inspired by OnePlus’ HydrogenOS icons, in case them seem familiar to you.


Paper icon pack is considerably different than any other icon pack on this list. This icon pack is priced at around $2, and it brings paper-looking icons, and they’re free-form icons. These icons look like they have been folded a number of times and then flattened out, which results in a rather interesting look. You will find over 5,000 icons inside of this icon pack, over 40 HD wallpapers, and also dynamic calendars.


Pure icon pack brings circular icons on the table, and these are uniform icons. These icons are flat, and will work just fine with most setups out there. These icons hold a 4.8-star rating in the Play Store at the moment, and you will find over 1,800 icons included on the inside, though the list is being updated regularly. Icon request tool is built into this application, and this icon pack supports a ton of launchers out there.