Top 10 Best Android Apps — GIF — September 2018

AH Top 10 GIF apps September 2018

GIFs aka animated images have managed to become quite popular over the years, and there are many GIF-related apps available in the Play Store. Having said that, not all of those apps are compelling, quite the contrary, so we did our best to hand-pick 10 of them that we think deserve your attention. In the list down below, you will find mostly apps that you can create GIFs with, and apps that you can use to search for existing GIFs, as those are the best GIF-oriented applications that are available out there. Do keep in mind that these apps are listed in non-specific order.

GIF Maker – GIF Editor


A name ‘GIF Maker’ is quite common when it comes to GIF-making apps, and this app is actually one of the best ones out there when it comes to that specific functions. Kayak Studio’s GIF maker offers a nice-looking app with plenty of options. Using this app, you can cust and crop videos before creating GIFs, while you can also add over 200 images in order to create a single GIF. Adding labels and stickers is also possible, while you can also remove backgrounds, if that’s what you want.

GIF Keyboard by Tenor


GIF Keyboard app by Tenor allows you to find GIFs online, and send them to whoever you want via Android’s built-in share function. You can access all of this directly from your keyboard, and Tenor is always a good choice when it comes to GIFs as there are millions of GIFs available on the platform, so chances that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for are quite high. This app is completely free to use and it’s quite straightforward.



GIPHY is a name you’ve probably heard of by now, this is a GIF platform which contains tons of GIFs, similar to Tenor. Much like an app before it, this app allows you to track that perfect GIF using GIHPY’s search function, and share it to whoever you want. Now, this app also comes with a GIF camera, you can record a video and turn it into a GIF image, or simply upload images and do it that way.


GIF Maker, GIF Editor


This GIF maker app is also quite compelling, as it comes with a ton of options, while it looks really nice as well. This is actually one of the highest-rated apps in the Play Store, and it supports 22 languages. You can create GIFs using this app, but you can also compress them. Converting GIFs to videos is also an option here, while you can play around with the background of your GIF images as well, make it transparent or change it to some other color.

Gif Me! Camera


This app’s name is kind of self-explanatory, this app lets you take a short video and then turn it into a GIF. You can capture a video of up to 14 seconds, while you can also apply filters to it. Creating stop motion or time lapse videos is also a possibility here, but do keep in mind that this app comes with a watermark. If you’d like to get rid of that watermark, you’ll need to get the ‘Pro’ version of the app which costs $2, approximately.


GIF Maker: Images to GIF, Video to GIF

This GIF maker app comes from a company called AndroidSRC, and the app itself actually looks really clean, flat. This app allows you to convert images to GIFs (up to 200 images), while you can convert videos to GIF using this application as well. You can use this app to share or edit GIPHY gifs, while the app also allows you to adjust brightness, contrast, and gamma for your GIFs, not to mention that you can add text on top of them as well.

GIF Maker (TMA)

Tinnymobileapps released its very own GIF Maker, and its design is also quite straightforward and eye-pleasing. This app comes with a built-in video editor which allows you to trim videos in order to create GIFs, while you can control GIF frame speed before saving as well. You can turn photos to GIFs as well, using this application, while sharing what you create is also quite simple using this GIF maker.

GIF Search

GIF Search app is one of the highest-rated GIF applications in the Google Play Store, and it allows you to find that perfect GIF that you want to send to your friends or whomever. You can browse GIFs by ‘Trending’ or ‘Hot’ tags, while you can also use a built-in search function as well, of course. You can download GIFs to your smartphone using this application, while you can also share them via other apps.


This app is simply called ‘GIFs’, and it’s somewhat similar to an app that we talked before it, but this app comes with Facebook Messenger integration, which the Facebook Messenger icon on its logo suggests. It’s worth noting that you can share GIFs to other apps as well. You can search for GIFs using this app via the built-in search function, or just browse trending GIFs until you find something that is of interest to you.

GIF Maker – Video to GIF, GIF Editor

The last app on this list comes from NVGCode company, and it’s yet another GIF-making application, and one of the most capable ones. This app offers all the regular GIF-creating options, as it allows you to create GIFs from videos and images, while you can create memes using this app as well. Screen recording function is also available, if you want to screen record something that is GIF-worthy.