Starting Tonight, Watch Thursday Night Football For Free On Amazon

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In short: Amazon’s NFL game schedule for the 2018 season begins tonight, when the Minnesota Vikings take on the Los Angeles Rams at 8:20pm EST. Those that are Amazon Prime subscribers can watch the game for free on Amazon, as well as on Twitch. Now if you are not an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial and take advantage of watching the game tonight (and Thursday night games throughout the season) for free. After the 30-day trial, Amazon Prime does go up to $119 per year or about $10 per month.

Background: Amazon and the NFL signed a deal over the summer, that would bring a number of Thursday Night Games over to Amazon’s website. This was a way for Amazon to bring more people into its Prime membership. Amazon is always looking to bring in more features to its Prime membership, to make that $119 yearly fee more worthwhile than just free unlimited two-day shipping on most products. Thursday Night games will air on Amazon and Twitch now through Week 15 – which is the week of December 13. So there’s going to be plenty of games to watch between now and December.

Impact: Amazon is going to allow users to watch the games on Fire TV, but you can also watch it through your web browser on Amazon’s website. It’s also going to have a couple of types of commentary available as well. There will be an all-female commentary option, which includes commentary from Andrea Kremer and Hannah Storm, and Amazon says that this is the first time in NFL history the color commentary came from an all-female group. Over on Twitch, you’ll get the X-Ray features included, so you can get real-time stats, and there will also be special NFL emotes included. Amazon is also doing its own pre-game Show called The Drive, which will kick off at 7:15pm EST, about an hour before the game. To get you caught up on everything before kickoff.

Watch Thursday Night Football